Curative pedicure

The curative pedicure is not limited to the aesthetic care of the foot, but also acts against more serious imperfections: this is what it consists of.

The feet are a fundamental part of the body, which is often overlooked. Forced into stockings and shoes of all kinds, daily stress and constant walks, the right time is not always devoted to their care.

But the summer is coming and with the open shoes we begin to realize that something is not always going on in the skin of our feet. Here is the curative pedicure is an excellent solution for cracked heel skin, calluses, corns and blisters. But how does it work? Let’s find out more.

What is curative pedicure?

The curative pedicure is a specific treatment that serves to make our feet beautiful and healthy, especially in view of summer, and aims to solve small foot problems that are not medical relevance. We think of all those annoyances that afflict the ends of our lower limbs, such as: ingrown nails, calluses or corns.

The procedure is very similar to that of the aesthetic pedicure, but with the addition of the treatment of calluses and calluses. Thanks to specific tools, the beautician will remove these cutaneous hyperkeratoses gently, so as not to cause discomfort or irritation to the skin. The reduction of hyperkeratosis occurs differently depending on the technique used by the beautician but also on the location and nature of the callus.

If the calluses are, however, very deep, it is better to proceed with a pedicure performed by a podiatrist, who can use more incisive instruments such as the scalpel, various sizes of gouges, the micromotor or the turbine. Even in cases of deep ingrown toenails, infections due to wounds and untreated blisters, or fungi, you need to go to the doctor for medical treatment. Depending on the problem, the general practitioner will direct you to the right specialist, who can also be the dermatologist or, in the most serious cases, the surgeon. The beautician, in fact, is not qualified to treat foot ailments, not having the necessary preparation.

The curative pedicure in case of ingrown nail

Onycho-cryptosis, also known as an ingrown nail, is a common disorder and often the problem comes from wearing shoes that are too tight, especially when the nails are cut too short. Sometimes the ingrown toenail can have a natural cause, due to the very shape of the nail that can tend to grow curved or fan-shaped, so it will press harder on the skin.

Treatment depends on severity: in milder cases, the nail will also be removed by the beautician using small scissors or clippers, taking care not to cause injury. If the nail is so sunk in the flesh that it has caused injuries, the beautician himself will ask you to consult a doctor, who will be able to eliminate the nail taking care not to cause infections, proceeding with a professional pedicure.

Pedicure: how much does it cost?

The cost of an aesthetic pedicure varies from 15 to 50-60 euros/dollars, even if other additional services of the beauty center where you went are affected, such as semi-permanent enamel or special massages: in general it is a treatment to do periodically, like the beauty routine that we reserve for face and body.

Instead, on average, the prices for an ordinary curative pedicure, not counting ascertaining exams and treatments aimed at particular pathologies, performed by a podiatrist, start at a minimum of 30 euros/dollars and even reach 50 euros/dollars, including creams and products of quality.

It is important to take care of the health of our feet and always keep in mind the prevention rules. In the case of more serious imperfections, the curative pedicure is a better solution than DIY, for the well-being of our feet.


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