Solar products have their expiration: be careful!

Who knows how many of us have advanced solar products in the beach bag of the previous year. It happens to everyone. We often buy sunscreens in July or August to get a tan safely and we can’t finish the product by the end of the summer. Mica we throw them! But solar products have a deadline, although they are very good and not just paid. Moreover, as you know, if a product has been stored in a cool place it does not undergo major alterations, but the solar products we bring to the sea, are under the sun for the whole day!

You must know that solar products have a deadline and it is usually 12 months after opening. How to verify the expiration of a product? It’s simple, just look at what’s written on the PAO symbol. The PAO symbol is represented by an open jar on which is written a number and M, which stands for months. In the case of sunscreens you’ll find the word 12 M, ergo 12 months.

Sunscreens are mixtures of water, sunscreen and fatty substances; just the latter deteriorate more easily making the cream ineffective. If you are convinced that the solar product you have is still good and well maintained, we recommend that you perform some tests. First of all, smell the product and check the consistency; if it seems altered compared to when you first opened the sun, don’t use it.

Check the color, if it is no longer uniform or show small spots, throw it immediately.

If the sand is filtered or if you are sure that you have brought the sun with you on the couch and cooked it properly, forget it, you should buy a new one! Obviously, since the 12 month deadline, you can use a product purchased in August in June; the same applies if you bought your sunscreen for the Christmas holidays. In other cases, get rid of solar energy because it is really ineffective.

If your solar is in the spray version it is more likely that it has not altered but you always do the necessary checks.

A smart move when buying a new solar is to focus on something new. In this way you will be sure of buying a product that did not remain in last year’s stock and put back on sale again.

Pay attention to your skin, treat it with love, especially in summer!


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