Deodorants with aluminum, dangerous only in some days

Deodorants with aluminum hydrochloride seem to have been classified as silent killers, but they seem to be dangerous only in a few days.

 Deodorants with aluminum, dangerous only in some days

I deodorants without aluminum hydrochloride seem to have conquered all men and women and are currently the most used ones. But are we really sure that products containing aluminum salts are really that dangerous? To date there is no scientific study that has clearly demonstrated the relationship between breast cancer and the use of deodorants with aluminum hydrochloride.

But let’s find out all the scientific evidence regarding aluminum hydrochloride and when this becomes potentially dangerous.

Are deodorants with aluminum salts really dangerous? The answer of science

I deodorants containing aluminum hydrochloride salts have been demonized in recent years in favor of the many products that do not contain this substance and natural formulations.

Despite the powerful campaign media that has put the deodorants with aluminum under indictment, the scientific world seems to have not yet declared on it. The European consumer safety committee, seems to have repeatedly denied the campaign against the products with aluminum salts. Deodorants with aluminum salts can be used but should be avoided on certain specific days.

The skin normally absorbs a very low percentage of aluminum when it is used in the product that contains it, however the absorption increases through the skin on the days in which it is shaved . In this circumstance in fact the skin remains irritated and “open” towards the outside and after depilation, waxing, cream or razor, it should be left free for a few hours by any type of deodorant. The ideal would be to use deodorants without aluminum salts on the days when you shave and take advantage of all the performance of products with aluminum in others.


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