Everyone has had diarrhea at least once in their life, but what are the causes and symptoms? Let’s discover the natural remedies to counteract it

The intestine is a very important organ that is often put to the test by a wrong lifestyle or by a bad diet. The main enemies are stress, viruses and bacteria, the main symptoms of malaise that signal an imbalance is diarrhea. The diarrhea manifests itself in different ways and can also be accompanied by abdominal swelling up to weakness, in some cases there is also a high fever.

We find out what the main causes and natural remedies can be to counteract it .

Diarrhea: the main causes

The diarrhea or repeated attacks of diarrhea can be caused by very different causes to be evaluated time after time, so when these episodes occur it is advisable to seek medical advice.

Diarrhea causes watery stools, it can be defecated even more than 3 times a day, producing more than one liter in 24 hours. It can occur in acute form, so it can happen to everyone, usually lasts for 1 or 2 days it goes away by itself, without the need for a specific treatment.

In the case in which the diarrhea is prolonged for more than 2 days, this may be a symptom of a more serious problem, which can also lead to dehydration.

The most common causes of diarrhea are:

  • Bacterial infections : different types of bacteria ingested through contaminated food or water can cause diarrhea. The most common are: campylobacter, Salmonella, Shigella, colibacillosis.
  • Viral infections : from rotavirus, cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex and viral hepatitis
  • Food intolerances : not everyone is able to digesting foods, such as some artificial sweeteners and lactose.
  • Parasites : when entering the body through food or water can cause diarrhea such as: giardia lamblia, entameba histolytica and cryptosporidium.
  • Reaction to drugs : antibiotics, blood pressure-lowering drugs, chemotherapy and magnesium-containing antacids can cause diarrhea
  • intestinal diseases : such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis and celiac disease.
  • Disorders functional to the intestine: symptom of irritable bowel syndrome
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Colite : which can also lead to constipation or an Ternanza of the two conditions
  • Strong stress : the intestine is closely connected to the nervous system and the brain

In some cases diarrhea occurs after surgery on the stomach or following removal of the gallbladder. The reason may be:

  • a change in the way food moves through the digestive system;
  • an increase in bile in the colon.


If you do not pass after a few days, it is advisable to seek medical attention, especially when the following symptoms occur: persistence of symptoms for more than two days

  • severe abdominal pain or rectum
  • fever
  • faeces with blood or pus
  • black and / or tarry stools.

Diarrhea: natural remedies

1. Taking liquids

It is important to replenish the fluids that are lost, so as to maintain a good level of hydration in the body. You can drink:

  • water
  • tea
  • fruit juices without pulp and sugar;
  • herbal teas without sugar

It is necessary to drink at least a liter and a half of liquids every day, between meals and small sips.

2. Probiotics against dysentery

They are more effective natural remedies for calming diarrhea and restoring the balance of intestinal bacterial flora.

3. Blueberry tea

Blueberry berries perform an action:

  • antidiarrheal
  • astringent
  • antiseptic

Prepare the blueberry herbal tea, just pour two teaspoons of dried blueberry berries for each cup of boiling water, cover and leave to infuse for at least 10 minutes. Then strain the liquid with a strainer and consume it throughout the day.

4. Ginger

Just chew a piece of root or prepare a ginger-based herbal tea with honey and lemon. Ginger is very useful in case of stomach or intestine problems, it also relieves cramps and abdominal pain also acting on diarrhea.

5. Lemon against diarrhea

Lemon is perhaps one of the grandmother’s most effective remedies against diarrhea, just drink the juice of a quarter or half a lemon in a glass of water. Also, if you want to regain regularity and intestinal well-being for a long time, drink hot water and lemon in the morning.

6. Mint

The leaves of this plant have anti-spasmodic properties and improve the situation of cramps and swelling, you can prepare a mint tea or use a drop of 100% pure essential oil. You can also take it after having melted it in a teaspoon of honey.

7. Camomile

It has a relaxing and calming effect on the stomach, you can prepare an herbal tea with dried flowers that will help to calm and relax the gastrointestinal tract, so as to relieve diarrhea.

Lowly used but effective remedies

1. Medicinal herbs

The effective medicinal herbs against diarrhea are:

  • bilberry
  • alchemilla
  • passiflora
  • fennel
  • potentilla.

These herbs perform an action: [19659025] astringent

  • antiseptic
  • antidiarrheal

They can be bought in tablets, mother tincture, juices and capsules.

2. Massages with essential oils

You can perform massages on the abdominal area with essential oils such as:

  • eucalyptus
  • lavender
  • mint
  • camomile

3. Fenugreek

It has anti-inflammatory properties, restores the intestinal bacterial flora. You buy it in seeds, just put a teaspoon for one night in a cup of cold water. In the morning boil them for at least 15 minutes, let cool and finally drink.

Foods to take

In the case of diarrhea it is preferable to take light food, with an astringent action, such as:

  • rice
  • potatoes
  • bananas
  • grapefruit
  • lemon
  • cooked apple
  • skinless chicken
  • pineapple
  • boiled carrots.

I am instead to absolutely avoid foods based on:

  • milk
  • sweets
  • coffee
  • foods rich in fat
  • fried foods
  • sausages
  • ice creams
  • bread not toasted.


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