The Disney princesses gave us a series of mere illusions in childhood: first of all the love ones, making us dream of a Prince Charming who would never arrive, and then, second only in order of appearance, the lies in terms of beauty .

If you are looking for someone to blame for your love mishaps and not only is there only one direction in which you can look: the universe Disney .

Already theirs, Ariel Cenerentla Jasmine & Co., aka the Disney princesses those who deluded us about how the “Beast” can turn into Prince Charming of how a life of hardship can lead us to the Royal Palace and, last but not least of how one can be beautiful and impeccable even after crossing oceans and fighting monsters of any kind.

It does not exist a princess with the oversize lipstick or that, in any case, cannot rearrange it in a single simple gesture, nor one that has disheveled hair or cast mascara without the possibility of recovery.

The beauty profile of a Disney Princess is always impeccable and, consequently, far beyond the most optimistic expectations that a woman of this Planet can even dream of.

When we grow so the impact with reality can be very disappointing, a following of eye-liner sbafati and correctors poorly performing, which then pushes us to doubt that even for us on the horizon there is a “and they lived happily ever after.”

The time has come to unmask the Disney Princesses and to reveal to the world the umpteenth trap they wanted to keep us: an impeccable look exists, alas, only in fairy tales and it is time to learn not to make us exceed expectations.

The hard lesson passes today for the unmasking of the most common illusion beauty that the Disney Princesses knew how to instill in our mind years ago and that from there, it seems, they never went away again.

Disney princesses and lies beauty

Jasmine and eye-liner always perfect – She rides flying carpets, plays near the fountains and fights against such cruel and powerful magicians. Jasmine’s life is certainly not the simplest and think that, despite the inevitable obstacles, she always shows off a smudge-proof line of eye liner, flawless to the millimeter and ready to make it look far beyond the seductive.

Mulan and the cut of hair – A sword blow and the perfect bob is served. Poor us who instead spend the hours in the hairdresser’s chair in a desperate attempt to make the cut on measure frame our face.

Merida and ricci rebels but perfect – It’s true , she also suffers when her mother tries desperately to untangle her crazy hair but then here she is with a real soft mane, perfectly fluffy and without the shadow of a frizz. For her the effort pays off, for us you can’t always say the same.

Aurora and make-up flawless when you wake up – The spindle does its duty and here is our Sleeping Beauty falls into an implacable sleep. When he wakes up (thanks to a princely kiss that is yet another Disney deception that we will let go for today), here it is simply impeccable, smooth leather, intense gaze and lightly colored lips. If we forget to remove make-up in the morning alone we would not only have a skin to throw away but also a sort of painting by Pollock.

Cenerentola and effect lipstick permanent – Cleans the stairs, kitchen gift lunches, serving at the table and socializing even with the local animals. A life two hundred per hour from Cenerella but which, nevertheless, never loses a lipstick simply by kissing. It seems that the pale pink colored lips are a detail capable of resisting everything, at least if your name is Cinderella.

Megara and hair raincoats – She is the icon of one of the most mistaken beliefs that cartons have ever been able to convey: hair not affected by water and humidity. Here then is that when we find ourselves contemplating the inexorable post-rain frizz, disbelief takes over and the feeling of having been betrayed takes over.

Mulan and démaquillage instantaneous – She is there that she despairs and spreads blush and mascara all over her face then a stroke of her sleeve and … off, make-up remover! Here we are instead of the evening, without an attack of desperation having activated our lacrimal glands, we find ourselves eating cleansing milk and biphasic makeup remover until it dissolves the skin together with make up.


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