Discover some useful tricks to better manage the most difficult couple relationship of all time: a love from a distance.

It happens like this, like magic: you go on a journey, you meet him , the butterflies in the stomach begin their flight and, here … you are in a long distance relationship !

You know that those kilometers weigh, that the everyday life of seeing will miss you but you just can’t do without : when sentiment gallops all the kilometers of the world are not enough to hinder a report .

Now that love at a distance has almost imposed itself in your life, however, a question might arise spontaneously: what to do to make it work? Falling in love is easy but it is when you have to make the relationship that the game gets complicated, let alone if you add long journeys even just to have dinner together.

wants the help of an expert who knows more than us

The team of Clio Zammatteo has in this regard consulted a sensuality coach, Bettina, ready to fill with valuable tips who is going to live this “ love long-range”.

Eyes wide open then … you never know when Cupid could strike from a distance.

Love from a distance: tips not to be missed

The first question to ask is the simplest but also the most complex: do you believe it?

Believe that a feeling can grow despite the many kilometers that separate the two innamorati is the gasoline that will guarantee you can at least undertake this journey with confidence: without the right fuel it is better to avoid even simply leaving.

There you are in fact certainly embarking towards a journey without difficulty and therefore it will be good to have within you the right predisposition to let yourself be pushed by the tumult of emotions that awaits you: waiting, desire, imagination are powerful inputs if you know how to listen to them.

Once you have secured the right foundation it will be time to roll up your sleeves. Long distance relationship means first of all many, many but many … expenses! Oh yes, it is useless to hide behind romance: getting on trains, planes and the like on a regular basis has its cost.

Dealing with shifts will be a decisive step to build a relationship that works: you and he will agree on how and when to see you. Alternating weekends could be a good idea, as well as finding a meeting point halfway. By organizing yourself in time you will not only know how to move but you will also save some precious money.

Once the practical side of the organization has been archived, it will be the case to deal with the emotional side. The first goal to aim for is actually a real art to learn: enjoying the moment . Yes, it is true, sooner or later you will have to go back to separate. However, the inevitability of this must not become a fixed thought, cumbersome for your mind and capable of obscuring even the beauty of what you are experiencing: as someone said, “there are only two days I never think of: yesterday and tomorrow “Here we learn from him.

Another great enemy that you will sooner or later face is her, jealousy . Trusting is challenging by living a couple of subway stops away, let alone hundreds of miles. To this end, we therefore advise you to prefer vocal calls to endless chats along which, alas, the tone of voice is a rather cumbersome absence, a true viaticum for misunderstanding. Finally, only you will be able to help yourself, at confidence : trusting is like taking a leap into the void, better not to think about it too much and go for it.

Finally, it is useless to hide behind a finger, it is also necessary to suffer the most “physical” aspect of the report . The fact that this is a long-distance relationship does not change the needs of two “consenting adults”. The expensive old hot phone calls help without a doubt but, in this case, the technology could be a valuable ally. a video, a vocal or a photo sent at the right time can make the difference but you can dare even more. Ever heard of sex toys wireless ? Just a simple app to activate them, a detail that cancels any distance.

Here, now you should have a more than efficient arsenal to transform your love at a distance into a great success. What do you say, we throw ourselves in?


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