Does cellulitis disappear after pregnancy?

Does cellulitis go away after pregnancy? We say that it does not disappear like magic, but there is a way to treat it. Let’s see how and also what to avoid.

Cellulite after pregnancy, a natural and very common phenomenon. If you have this problem maybe you will be interested to know if cellulitis disappears after pregnancy. Let’s say that alas it does not disappear automatically, as instead could happen to the weight accumulated during the nine months, but it is possible to intervene. But there is something to know about how to treat cellulite during pregnancy and lactation.

Does pregnancy cause cellulite?

Technically not: it is not the fact of being pregnant that causes cellulite, and it is not at all certain that, if you have never had it before, you will be! If, however, you are already subject to this blemish, it is possible that during pregnancy it gets worse because in the gestation the microcirculation is more difficult, you are more inclined to water retention, you increase physiologically by weight, hormones change balance and maybe you do a little ‘less physical activity.

After giving birth, does cellulite disappear?

It would be false to say that cellulite in pregnancy then passes on its own, because it is still an accumulation of fat that does not disappear by magic as soon as the baby is born. Don’t panic though: the problem can be prevented, kept under control and resized, with some precautions that you can read later.

How to control cellulite naturally during pregnancy

The secret lies in keeping the weight under control (the increase in physiological weight is normal and useful, it is only a matter of not exaggerating) and at the same time favoring venous return:

  • If you have a normal pregnancy, continuing to do physical activity is the first rule to limit the accumulation of fat and poor circulation, a friend of cellulite.
  • Drink lots of water and eat healthy.
  • Avoid “constrictive” garments with tight elastics, tight trousers, tight shoes and very high heels.
  • When you have the chance, lie down with your feet slightly higher than the pelvis; from time to time, perform a simple exercise: alternately make the point and the hammer-shaped foot, with the legs extended (for example on the sofa or simply stretching the legs under the desk of the office).
  • Gently massage thighs, buttocks and arms with a natural oil (for example almond oil) after the shower is a small help to tone the tissues and stimulate the superficial circulation.

Can anti-cellulite creams be used during pregnancy?

Basically no.

The best anti-cellulite creams have a hormonal base, and some also contain iodine: these are components that can be absorbed through the skin, enter the circulation and become dangerous to the fetus, so these creams should not be used during pregnancy, nor, preferably, during breastfeeding.

Some creams do not contain hormones, but in the composition there are natural stimulants such as caffeine, which is best avoided as a precaution, although it is less likely to be absorbed at a deep level.

The same goes for anti-cellulite mud during pregnancy: those containing iodine must be avoided, otherwise it is good to ask your doctor for advice, but generally they do not cause problems.

The purely cosmetic creams for the superficial elasticity of the skin, on the other hand, have no major contraindications. Unfortunately, however, they don’t even have a great effect: cellulite is a problem that lies under the skin, where cosmetic creams will never arrive.

Better to wait a few months for a more invasive repair operation, rather than taking risks or at least spending money unnecessarily!

Can massages be done during pregnancy?

You have to consider that in nine months your body is particularly sensitive and is “connected” to that of your child: no to vigorous massages, which could in some cases induce contractions, but a gentle lymphatic drainage massage performed by competent people in a specialized center , certainly helps to keep the situation under control.

Can beauty treatments be performed against cellulite during pregnancy?

Sauna, high vibration whirlpool, aggressive interventions such as electrolipolysis, laser treatments, ultrasounds, radiofrequency, mesotherapy or carboxytherapy are absolutely not recommended. It would also be quite useless to do them in the period when there are the most favorable conditions for the onset of cellulite: it makes much more sense to wait later and engage, rather, in a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy and lactation, with benefit also of child!

So cellulite disappears after pregnancy, yes or no?

In summary: it does not disappear by magic. It is an accumulation of fat – not necessarily due to pregnancy – which requires time and patience to be managed. Of course we can at least partly prevent it before and during pregnancy, in the ways we have just seen. We advise against the use of anti-cellulite creams during pregnancy and also other potentially harmful beauty treatments. The invitation is to live the changes of one’s body naturally, especially in such a beautiful and important moment as pregnancy.


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