Does the scrub eliminate the tan?

In summer there is often a fear of scrubbing the skin of both the face and the body, for fear of eliminating the tan. Nothing could be further from the truth, rather exfoliating the skin will enhance the tan.

In summer the skin is subjected to a lot of stress, first of all sun exposure sometimes taken without protection, but also the action of the salt and chlorine of the pools can mark it in an important way . For this we will have to dedicate some extra moisturizing and nourishing treatments to it, but to do so, it will be good to first eliminate all dead cells to allow any product to be absorbed. The key product for exfoliating the skin ? Lo scrub! Let’s dispel the myth that this skin care product eliminates the tan.

Lo scrub that is purchased in the perfumery or home-made, remains a treatment of excellence for the care and beauty of the skin, for this it must never be eliminated, especially in summer.

Does the scrub remove the tan? The whole truth about exfoliation in the summer

Doing the scrub in the summer does not eliminate the tan on the contrary it enhances it making the complexion more lunimoso and velvety. The presence of dead cells in fact causes graying of the skin and an exfoliating product, it will do nothing but eliminate dead cells on the superficial layer of the skin and will not take away the tan.

The scrub can therefore be considered together with the product moisturizing an ally of the tan which helps to maintain the golden color for much longer. Even when the vacation time is over and the tan is gradually fading away, the scrub will help the skin to avoid unaesthetic dark spots and the presence of cuticle. A good scrub product can also be prepared at home, mixing vegetable oil, salt and a few drops of essential oil as a favorite.


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