The secret to having soft and defined curly hair? A styling technique called “fitagem”. Let’s find out what it is all about

Who has curly hair knows: often a cloud of ringlets and untameable little bushes fills the head without rule. It seems useless any ad hoc cut or product that, perhaps, then takes effect and then fails during a wet day or due to two drops of rain. Yet the curls, if “regulated” and tamed naturally, are extremely sexy! To help the “leonine” heads there is a styling technique that comes from Brazil: it’s called fitagem and promises to create hairy but soft, healthy and, above all, well defined hair. What is it about? Simply using specific products with which to “treat” your hair according to well-defined steps.

Step 1: cleansing

Rule number one: it is forbidden to stress skin and hair. Therefore, when buying a cleaning product, light, nutritious formulas based on natural ingredients and without silicones are preferred.

Step 2: specific mask

After washing the hair a moisturizing, softening and nourishing mask must necessarily be applied, able to give body to the hair defining the curls. Take a nut of product, start from the skin and, using a wide-toothed comb, continue spreading it along the lengths. As for the shampoo, a “green” formula is also preferred for the mask.

Step 3: microfiber friend

A recurring mistake is to rub the hair with the classic cotton towel with “energetic” movements. Poor hair: it’s definitely a time of high stress! Better to wrap them for a few minutes in a microfibre towel that will quickly dry off the excess water, speeding up the drying time.

Step 4: product mix

Styling is the most important phase. And it is even more so in the case of indomitable curly hair that, with the wrong habits, risks turning into a shapeless mass. The fitagem suggests, for this very phase, the use of a mix of styling products. To get one of particular effectiveness, just add a few drops of vegetable oil suitable for the hair (like jojoba) with a bio-body cream. Take an average strand of hair with your fingers and apply the cream obtained – abundantly – from the roots to the ends, dividing it into 3 or 4 smaller locks with the help of your fingers. At this point, collect the lock with the palm of your hand and let it spring towards the root for an ultra-defined curling effect. Proceed then strand by strand over the whole hair and hold for about 30 minutes.

Step 5: styling

Letting dry curly hair without hair dryer, in the air, is always preferable. And, with the arrival of summer, it must be admitted that it is a “sacrifice” that is rather willingly done. For those who, instead, prefer to use the hair dryer not to be missing is the speaker, working, with average speed and temperature, strand by strand.


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