Those who want to lose weight quickly can tackle the drastic diet which, however, as it is very severe, cannot be followed for a long time.

Before analyzing this diet in detail it is good to remember that the dietary blows that they promise rapid weight loss within a few days they cannot be adopted as models or worse still as a lifestyle. The hateful yo-yo effect in addition to being detrimental from a physical point of view, also compromises the functionality of the metabolism over time, which gradually slows down and eventually stops making any attempt to dispose of the excess weight.

It should also be kept in mind that this kind of diet is not for everyone. In some cases, in addition to not bringing results, it exposes you to the risk of subjecting your body to unnecessary nutritional deficiencies

The mistake not to commit – It is important not to deprive yourself of bread and pasta and not to eat in a way unbalanced to avoid losing the muscles and not the fat

The drastic diet: how it works

In the meantime it is good to clarify to whom this program is addressed. To really work the drastic diet must be adopted by those who have problems with real overweight.

The importance of seasonings – They must be reduced to the maximum. Ok only the lemon juice and a drop of EVO oil

A weekly menu type:

Monday – It starts with a cup of coffee without sugar. For lunch, two boiled eggs and spinach as a side dish. For dinner, instead, a grilled or pan-fried steak with a salad of celery or fennel.

Tuesday – For breakfast a cup of coffee without sugar with a slice of bread. For lunch a steak, a salad and a fruit. Dinner of cooked ham.

Wednesday – We start with a cup of coffee without sugar and a slice of bread. For lunch, two hard-boiled eggs, a salad and some tomatoes. For dinner cooked ham and salad

Thursday – The day takes I start with a cup of coffee without sugar and a slice of bread. For lunch a boiled egg, cooked or raw carrots and 50 g of Swiss cheese. As fruit dinner and 250 g of low-fat yogurt.

Friday – Atypical breakfast with lemon carrots and coffee. For steamed fish lunch with tomatoes and in the evening a steak with salad.

Saturday – Return to a more common early morning with coffee and a slice of bread. For grilled chicken lunch and dinner two boiled eggs with carrots.

Sunday – The week ends with tea with lemon juice. A grilled steak and a fruit like lunch and dinner of your choice.


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