Dry skin: how to treat it in winter

Dry skin is a problem common to many women and in winter, it requires care and protection. All the gestures and products for the ‘winter skin care’ dedicated to dry skin

If you have dry skin you know that with the arrival of the bass temperatures the epidermis tends to be really stressed and marked, for this reason, beauty routine must be carried out with specific products from super moisturizing and protective textures .

Let’s discover all the tips to protect dry skin from the cold winter . The gestures and products that should never be lacking in everyday skin care

Dry skin, the beauty routine to protect it from the cold

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The dry skin in winter is likely to become irritated, crack and become inflamed if it is not protected and treated with the right products and daily gestures. Here are some tips to treat it and protect it during all phases of the day.

The first daily gesture will be morning cleansing which can be done with a delicate cleansing oil that will also help eliminate any remaining traces of make-up. Toning will also be essential for dry skin and can be done with a moisturizing tonic. In the morning you can apply a cream treatment with a full-bodied texture but not greasy and it will have to be applied a few minutes before makeup to be completely absorbed.

Le lips will have to be moisturized very much then off free to cocoa butters applied during the night and also under the lipstick, which must have a creamy texture. Makeup in general will work as a protective barrier against the cold, so the choice of foundation will be essential . Preferring an “oil in water” formulation will be the perfect choice for those with dry skin.

The weekly treatment mask should not be missing, perfect those in ‘hydrogels’ that are highly moisturizing and restorative. The scrub will have to be done but in a very delicate texture.

In the evening, after removing the face with a micellar water tone and apply a cream enriched with one or more vegetable oils such as sweet almond, shea, argan or jojoba. During the night, the emulsion will be absorbed by the skin which in the morning will be hydrated and radiant.


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