The human body is composed of more than 300 joints. They are made of complex structures such as cartilage, ligaments or synovial fluid that prevents bone friction. Joint pain can occur at any age but is more likely to develop beyond 50 years due to cartilage degradation and tissue firming.


According to an in vivo study published by Pharmacognosy Journal lemon peel has considerable anti-inflammatory properties, thus creating a calming effect for joint pain. The high concentration of vitamin C and calcium present in its bark helps to keep the bones healthy, thus avoiding the succession of pathologies that are related to their deterioration such as osteoarthritis.

Olive Oil

Olive oil has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential, which helps reduce the impact of osteoarthritis and joint diseases on cartilage deterioration. It has also been proven that a massage with olive oil can relieve the pain caused by different rheumatism. Just make sure of the quality of oil you get. Several manufacturers post the “extra virgin” nomination when it is not. Check the label or the origin of production.

Eucalyptus Leaf Oil

Beyond its specific scent and increased use in case of colds, Eucalyptus leaf essential oil is also very effective in treating painful symptoms. joint level or after surgery.

Preparation of the poultice

For the preparation of this poultice for joint pain relief, you will need:

  • 2 lemons, preferably organic
  • A tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil Virgin
  • A teaspoon of eucalyptus essential oil

Peel the lemon and put the bark in a glass jar. Fill your container with olive oil and eucalyptus oil, then let the mixture macerate for two weeks in a cool place. To use it, soak a band of gauze from the mixture and wrap it around your joints. Leave it alone and you will notice that your pains will gradually lessen.

You can use this remedy to calm your morning joint pain, or before sleeping. You can use it for all your joints (wrists, knees …)

Other tips to relieve joint pain:

The site Current Woman offers interesting tips for relieving joint pain:

  1. Eat less acidifying foods, these cause oxidation, a kind of rust of the body. If you suffer from joint pain, it may intensify. Limit consumption of meats, dairy products from cows and products containing refined sugar. Instead, focus on fruits, vegetables, legumes and semi-complete cereals.
  2. Wear restraints such as the lumbar belt during periods of severe pain.
  3. Apply hot compresses on the painful areas to reduce the intensity.
  4. Initiation to walking to reach a minimum of 10,000 steps per day in addition to putting you to practice a sport 3 to 4 times a week such as hiking or water aerobics. This will restore your motor skills and give you more stamina.


These tips are meant to relieve your joint pain, but remember that the advice of your doctor or specialist is essential and indispensable.


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