Here are six remedies to get rid of swelling easily and quickly

Many of us suffer from bloating after a meal. It is important to know that your digestive system is complex and uses more organs and enzymes to complete the process of digestion and absorption of food. Furthermore, the latter participates in the elimination of food waste. It is possible that due to some factors such as a bad lifestyle, this system, although well organized, is subject to some dysfunctions.

swelling may be a manageable condition for some, but in case of gas accumulation, it can be annoying, uncomfortable and sometimes painful. In fact, they cause a sensation of discomfort in the abdomen. 

Here are the main reasons for the swelling:

· Indigestion: occurs after excessive consumption of food and alcohol. But sometimes it can also be caused by drugs that irritate the stomach.

· Gas accumulation: this is the most common reason for swelling, caused by the consumption of certain foods such as cabbage and carbonated soft drinks and sweetened. There are also other reasons, for example when gums are eaten quickly or chewed, there is an accumulation of gas resulting from the air being swallowed.

· Infections: are caused by bacteria or viruses and cause other symptoms in addition to gas accumulation, such as diarrhea and vomiting. If symptoms do not disappear after a few days, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

· Water retention: excessive consumption of salty foods, food intolerances as well as hormonal changes make the body more swollen than normal. Chronic swelling due to water retention can also be a sign of more serious disorders, such as diabetes and kidney failure.

· Constipation: another common cause of swelling is the result of dehydration , fiber deficiency or food intolerance.

6 natural remedies against swelling

Whatever the reason behind it behind your swelling, here 6 natural and easy tips to eliminate it :

Avoid eating fried foods

Flatulence and abdominal fullness are caused by fatty and fried foods . It is true that fried foods can be tasty, but before you throw yourself in the belly, think about those poorly digestible fats that will cause you that feeling of discomfort after a meal. It is better to prefer a cooking that maintains the properties unaltered.

Avoid soft drinks

Non-alcoholic drinks can be very tasty when tasted fresh in summer, but they are also among the first factors that trigger the swelling. They promote the accumulation of gas in the stomach.

Take care of your digestive enzymes

digestive enzymes are part of the intestinal flora and promote good food digestion. Remember to include sprouted seeds, oats and mainly egg yolk in your diet. Vitamin B7 helps prevent swelling. Another advice would be to drink water with lemon, a precious drink for your digestive problems. Lemon is rich in fiber, particularly pectin. It is a soluble fiber that promotes the proper functioning of the intestinal flora, ensures better assimilation of nutrients and generates lipid metabolism as well as encouraging the synthesis of intestinal hormones necessary to maintain the state of your digestive organs. A glass of lemon water before the meal will help you be less bloated afterwards.

Drink Fennel Infusion

Your grandmother must have advised you at least once in your life. Fennel in case of swelling will help you improve digestion. It is better to prepare the herbal tea with fennel seeds than to buy them in pods in supermarkets. To do this, just grind the seeds with a mortar or coffee grinder, add boiling water and let it steep for 5 minutes.

Eat fruit

Fruits are an important source of fiber and they can be used as pre-biotic foods to improve the functioning of the intestinal flora. This will promote your digestive function, thus avoiding being swollen.

Avoiding carbohydrate consumption

Carbohydrates will tend to ferment more easily in the stomach which is why many nutritionists recommend limiting their consumption in case of swelling.


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