Discs and exfoliating wipes, the new frontier of skin care

They are the new frontier of ‘skin care, the wipes and exfoliating discs become part of every woman’s beauty routine. A gesture of daily beauty that gives a perfect skin

The secret to having a perfect skin is undoubtedly the exfoliation . By eliminating dead cells, cell renewal is facilitated the signs of aging are reduced, such as skin spots, the skin is cleansed in depth making it smooth and velvety.

The new generation of ‘skin care’ sees in the first place exfoliating cotton wipes and discs ready to be used every day and to reduce the weekly beauty routine

Disinfection pads and wipes, what they are and how they are used


The new generation of products for the ‘skin care’ sees in the first place the discs and the make-up remover wipes. These beauty products allow you to have a skin that is always clean, smooth and bright in a practical and effective way. For all those who do not have the patience and perseverance to perform a weekly scrub on the skin of the face, here come wipes and exfoliating discs, even soaked in an exfoliating product or even have a perfect surface for exfoliation.

Every day, after eliminating excess makeup, you can apply cleaning products with an exfoliating disk, easily available in supermarkets. Same routine for those who love wipes. There are wipes on the market with an uneven surface, perfect for a light scrub every day, perhaps applying a cleaning milk

For all those who love professional and high-perfumery products, there are discs and wipes available already soaked in a product with an exfoliating power, based on fruit acids or glycolic acid which perform a real chemical peeling these to be used no more than once a week. Even the simplest gesture, today can become an exceptional beauty treatment that gives a perfect and luminous complexion in just a few minutes.


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