Eye makeup for eyeglass wearers

The last time the glasses were part of fashion images, many of the most famous brands, then girls, buy and wear glasses without lenses to adapt the images of your favorite brands. The other girls wear glasses, as needed. In any case, and those and others actually want to look the same with glasses and without glasses. Of makeup for girls with different conventional glasses, makeup, and how to avoid mistakes?

1. Mandatory eye makeup

Glasses are a surprising accessory. It is not surprising that many girls, buying a new circle, I think it is now happy and easy when you can safely stop doing eye makeup in the morning. And here and there. Makeup artists prove the opposite – now you just have to do makeup with emphasis on the eyes!

 Eye makeup for eyeglass wearers

2. Anti-slip primer

Do glasses have a tendency to slip off somewhere outside your beautiful nose? There is a little trick: before setting up the foundation, make sure you use a primer or makeup base. This will help you avoid slipping and it is not always necessary to fix your glasses.

3. Concealer

Sunglasses, especially in the dark-rimmed, able to magic and unpleasant to emphasize the circles under the eyes. Decision? Use a concealer or concealer with a yellow undertone. This will help make it safer to hide traces of lack of sleep.

 Eye makeup for eyeglass wearers

4. Luxurious neutrals

Glasses already attract attention to your eyes. Therefore, although eye make-up is mandatory, make-up artist advises to avoid too bright shades of eyeshadow, but to give preference to the diversity of «neutral» colors: shades of brown, beige and gray, it will be possible to see from below the edge even more in depth and expressiveness.

5. Less spark

Glare from glasses and shade with a glossy clear – is not a good combination. Use of shadows and reflections or satin effect, to emphasize the inner corner of the eye (“open”) and to highlight the area under the eyebrow. And on the mobile eyelid he applies a halo of shadow.

 Eye makeup for eyeglass wearers

6. Don’t forget about eyeliner or pencil

Also, experiment with color. Wearing a dark circle? Choose a lining in 1-2 lighter shades for the “not lost” eye area. Don’t be afraid to try the unusual color of the eyeliner. For example, dark blue or even Marsala is going to look very impressive.

7. Do not use mascara elongation

When the lashes are constantly in contact with the rim glass, it is very irritating, isn’t it? Instead, use a mascara for more volume and hold the Curling lashes cosmetic bag.

8. Do not forget the eyebrows

The best: in addition to the new frame is well emphasized, well-groomed eyebrows! Together they will make the functionality of the whole face more expressive and graphic.

In conclusion, it is important to remember those who wear glasses with lenses that reduce or increase the eye. For them there are no special makeup secrets, but this is another story, worthy of a separate publication …

 Eye makeup for eyeglass wearers


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