Eyebrow hair removal is a basic step for beauty care and to have an impeccable look. Let’s avoid coarse slips

Some people opt for depilation with wire and those who prefer the old ones tweezers who still trusts in the tear of waxing and those who, to avoid risks, rely on the skilled hands of a beautician . In any case, we are all guided by a single and solid awareness: eyebrow depilation is a key step in our beauty routine.

Eyebrows carefully depilated are not only synonymous with a look well defined but also a remarkably facilitated make-up. If once it was a gesture for the exclusive prerogative of make-up artists, today drawing eyebrows is a basic step of any make-up : we all know the indisputable pros but also the objective difficulty and working on a carefully prepared basis will undoubtedly make the task much easier.

Wiping eyebrows is therefore a delicate task and, as such, successful completion is primarily a question not so much of correct moves as to avoid the wrong ones. Each technique has its peculiarities but all agree on a series of key errors to avoid.

Let’s find out together then and take the first step towards flawless eyebrows

Depilation of eyebrows: 5 errors to know to avoid them

Don’t let yourself be influenced by mode – enhancing the natural structure is the first and most important goal of eyebrow hair removal. Fashions leave the time they find, configuring themselves more than as dictates as guidelines that illustrate the perfect shape for every type of face. It is indispensable to customize these slightly standardized models according to our specific features.

Depilare controelo – The risk of breaking the hair, causing irritation or the much feared “ingrown hair”, is always around the corner. The hair should therefore be removed with as much delicacy as possible and following its natural direction.

Depilating every day – Una onto is removing some rebellious stakes but complete non-depilation should never be performed more than a couple of times a month. These are the times to allow the hair to grow and thus obtain a decidedly better final result.

Dry clean – If it is important for the other parts of the body to work on a well-dry surface for the eyebrows the application of a veil of cream before holding the tweezers can be a great car. the hair, like the rest of the skin, will in fact be so softened. Then remember to remove excess hair from depilation completed: it could obstruct the follicles and slow the natural growth of the hair.

Use one magnifying mirror – Many of us think that this helps us not to make ourselves to escape not even one hair but in reality the risk is to lose the overview, a risk much greater than one might believe.

Low cost tweezers – Is tweezers worth the other? Absolutely not! A good quality tweezer facilitates the work and guarantees greater precision, as well as less skin irritation

Waxing constant – In general it is not the most suitable method of depilation for the eyebrows because the tear goes to excessively stress an area delicate and thin-skinned. If, however, you can’t give up too much at least over time, give yourself a maximum of it once a month.

Unnatural symmetry – The eyebrows are mirrored but not entirely. Striving to make them identical is not only frustrating but also useless: those small differences make us unique and, as from the first point, harmonize with the natural features of our face.

Eyebrows from the 90s – We limit nostalgia for the old decade to music and some fluorinated excesses. The very thin eyebrows of the time are definitely out as well as artificial like few other alternatives. Did you also know that thicker eyebrows are perceived by others as synonymous with greater reliability and security?

Do not depilate – The fear of doing damage is often and willingly a deterrent that keeps us at a safe distance from tweezers and the like. But it must certainly not turn into an excuse to have hair even where it just wouldn’t be. Then limit yourself to eliminating only those hairs totally out of the drawing of the eyebrows, between the eyes for example or too much towards the eyelid, or, if you really don’t feel it, surrender to constant visits by the beautician. Prudence can never be an alibi!


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