Eyebrow shape: how to choose

Creating an image with makeup help starts with the eyebrows. Only by changing their folding is it possible to obtain the amazing effect. With the help of a grade correction not only to highlight their beauty, but also to significantly change the shape of the face, and, consequently, the entire appearance of a person. Understanding what the shape of the eyebrows is right for you and deciding what exactly to stay, experiment in front of a mirror design and different options with a cosmetic pencil. This session will be useful not only for your appearance, but also a lot of fun.

Fashion eyebrow shape: it’s important

Women are often interested in what today’s trend is. Their question is understandable, but it is still impossible to say with certainty. Fashion is constantly evolving, like clothes or shoes, and in every other aspect, so it is difficult to keep up. Today, the shape of the eyebrows, there is no dictating the trends. As they say, in trend, all that is beautiful – it is right and it is very convenient. Therefore, in this matter, at the peak of popularity, it is now natural and relaxed.

The whole aspect of a person needs to adapt to modern trends, and the eyebrows in the captured image. And the main criterion is that people should not appear strange and stupid. Of course, if he is not a clown, whose profession is to entertain others. But the good harlequin removes the mask, leaving the circus chamber. In ordinary life, it is the same person, like all of us. However, go back to the eyebrows.

Today at the height of the popularity of so-called iridescent options. This effect is achieved by using different colors when dyeing the eyebrows. Original and unusual look of options, in contrast to the color of the hair. Blondes, for example, can make permanent black color makeup looks very impressive. By the way, it was once considered a sign of an ancient family and “blue bloods.”

Young people tend to extravagance and a desire to stand out, so that very young girls often make their experiments appear. For example, it looks elegant when interrupted, and then starts a little more. The shape of the eyebrows can have fantastic curves, sometimes below or above the railway. It should be noted that similar experiments are to face people with the right functionality.

By the way, and facial expression depends, to a large extent, on the shape of the eyebrows, size and color. By using tweezers, cosmetic pencil and painting as well as permanent tattooing, you can adjust these settings and give your equipment necessary. If you are wondering how to make eyebrows fashionable, the most popular option form can be seen in the photo presented on our website. Glad to present all the options – see how much individuals can change.
 Eyebrow shape: how to choose

How to change the appearance of women, depending on the shape of the eyebrows

Note the variant curve: make a person more mature, more rigorous and solid. They are best suited for serious women – entrepreneurs and career office employees. But be careful, this form of eyebrows, it would be better to look only when the clothes prefer the classic style.

Soon the options are visually younger, as you know, very comfortable for many women. The expression on their faces is very touching and a little naive, which is appropriate for young girls with a true sweetness of nature. Most of these eyebrows, a shape that will satisfy blondes and blond-haired girls who prefer clothes of young or romantic style.

High and subtle options to make the face expression of surprise and sometimes a little distant dreamlike, In a life permanent, frankly, it is unnatural, but fashion sometimes dictates its laws. Still fresh in the memory of long ago, when it was popular eyebrows: their high thin shape driven crazy men.

Thick options at the level of, low located above the eyes, make the face an angry expression, but the look of the women to take a hard look. There are, of course, the girls, who look like they don’t spoil. But, it should be noted that this expression does not contribute to feminine charm.

Options too pushed towards the edge of the face and spaced far beyond, to give the face a sad, sad expression. In common parlance they are called “the Pierrot eyebrows.” It makes no sense especially to do yourself, trust our experience. There is not enough pain, because it aggravates these feelings above all! Neutral the correct shape of the eyebrows, the so-called classics, in any case, it will be better, «Piero».

Options of low internal edge and a high exterior give the face to a few predators and sure of expression. They are more suitable for people with bullying entirely aware of its superiority in this world, but again, not always a positive impact on female charm.

Furthermore, the position of the eyebrows, the length and the shape also influence the external appearance of women. The variants in which the ends of the ascending, visually lengthen the face. And to enlarge the image using a horizontal eyebrow. Does not affect the proportions of the bow face of the options fits if you want to focus on other elements of look. The upper part of the face can be visually expand if the eyebrow is closer to the outer edge. If you put them closer to your nose, you get the opposite effect – shrinkage. The eyebrows with a pause in the middle of visual change the proportions of the face does not cause. To visually expand the lower part, simply lower the external tip downwards. Horizontal or close to it, the position of the eyebrows visually emphasizes the forehead, and the lower part of the face considerably narrows – it is important to remember that. The average position of the line does not change the balance of the proportions of the face, it is also comfortable and classic.

The care of the eyebrows

Of course, beauty requires a reverent and careful attitude. For the eyebrows, like everyone else, a person needs constant care. They are very useful for brush special brushes made specifically for this purpose. However, there are other options: the correct shape of the eyebrows is actually quite easy to maintain. It is possible for this purpose to use a well-washed mascara brush from an old mascara or a toothbrush.

First, comb the eyebrows towards the nose, and then in the opposite direction. This will help keep them shiny and silky as well as provide them with a large amount of young people. Moreover, from time to time the eyebrows are useful for feeding. This can be done using any peach, coconut, or olive oil. It is possible to lubricate the eyebrows with a mixture of castor oil and camphor oil, taken in equal proportions. By the way, the same structure can be treated and the eyelashes. From this, it becomes thicker and longer.

As you can see, a beautiful eyebrow forms in your hands. By focusing on the above rules, you will be able to make the image perfectly created, be it work, casual, or at home festive look. Knowing how to choose the shape of the eyebrows and how to keep it in perfect condition, you can accentuate the benefits of your sweet face.


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