Taking care of the eyebrows is essential to enhance your face, but many women make mistakes, we find out what they are

In the last decades the eyebrows are under the spotlight of many women and make-up artists because they must always be in perfect order. These give harmony and personality to the face, regardless of shape and volume. The “perfect” form does not exist, because it depends very much on face, sometimes if you follow the trend and perfection you risk making mistakes, especially if you do it alone.

Let’s find out what are the most common mistakes that are made when shaping eyebrows.

Eyebrows: do not use tweezers that tear out badly

 How to draw eyebrows perfectly

The tweezers to be used should not be those of our mothers or aunts, who are an “old woman”, but the choice it must fall on the most innovative ones.

Make sure that if you put on the tweezers, you can perform a elastic movement with the two “arms” of the same, socket also must be decided and not slow or soft, you can ask the beauty consultant for advice. If the tweezers fall more than once on the ground, it must be replaced immediately, because:

  • gets smitten,
  • snatches badly,
  • cuts the hair badly,
  • loses the right elasticity.

Your tweezers should be replaced every 3-4 years and should be disinfected often with a wad soaked in alcohol, it is advisable to do so after each use to avoid infections.

When it is better to “cut them”

It is advisable to cut the eyebrows after a shower or bathroom warm , so that your pores are more open and the follicles are softer, so as to feel less pain when you tear off unwanted hair. In addition, irritation and redness will be avoided.

Do not tear it frequently

You must not be a maniac of perfection, surely the regrowth of the hair is subjective, but it is not recommended to “prick” every day in front of the mirror. Some women just see a peletto sticking out, they remove it from root without mercy, not knowing that “tear after tear”, can cause irreparable damage to hair bulb , until it burns completely, with the result that it cannot grow anymore.

The ideal duration between one tear and another would be every two weeks, but this is not a rule, much depends on the rate of growth of eyebrows, definitely let them grow, it allows you to work them better and avoid having too fine eyebrows.

It is absolutely not recommended to touch up the eyebrows every 2-3 days, once you have found the shape of your eyebrows, remove the hairs that come out from the line without touching up upper arch.

Avoid shapes that are too square or arched

Giving the eyebrows too “geometric” shape is not recommended, because there is a risk of artificial effect. For women who use a pencil, the eyebrows must be light and unmarked. The eyebrows must not be neither too geometric, nor arched, because in the latter case distort the harmony of the face and alter the expression of occh i .

It is advisable to regrow them, but you need to be patient, because the wait is a bit long, it will take at least 2 months to cover the whole arch. You can rely on the specialized eyebrow study staff, who will tell you about the right shape for you.

Another note, when the eyebrows are torn in a different way, there is a horrendous result, especially if the shapes are irregular or different from each other. Surely there is no perfection, but in principle, the eyebrows must be equal to each other.

How to “cut” them to the best

When you are a beginner the mistake is admitted, but it is appropriate to follow some tips to best “cut” the eyebrows.

We read carefully:

  • thin out the eyebrow : with an eyebrow comb or a simple narrow-toothed comb;
  • if identify the excess eyebrows : cut them with the scissors, without exaggerating;
  • regenerate the arch very patiently: without intervening often
  • be followed by the beautician of trust: when it is necessary to remodulate the shape of your eyebrows especially if you are not very experienced;
  • re too thick and a little too long : eliminate only the excess hairs;  Instead, if not, if you need to give your eyebrows too thin, you can buy an eyebrow pencil, which must be the same color as yours. Then gradually draw lines, traits must be small and not a solid line.

    No to frequent hair removal with waxing

    Waxing eyebrows gives a perfect result without a doubt, but doing it frequently could lead to relaxation of the tissues of eyelids causing in the long term a falling effect of the eyelid. The area in question is preferable not to stress it too much because it is very delicate and exposed to aging, more than the other parts of the face. The use of the razor is absolutely not recommended.

    Right shape for te

    The eyebrows move thanks to the muscles of the forehead and therefore they are tied to the structure of the face, because this motive must pay attention to the form, because it would risk to upset the expression and change completely face.

    Here are some tips to find the right shape for you:

    • the eyebrow must start exactly above the inner corner of the eye;
    • the eyebrow must end in correspondence with the imaginary line that starts from the nostril and pass near the outer corner of the eye;
    • the eyebrow corner is about 2/3 from the beginning of the eyebrow;
    • the beginning and end of the eyebrow must be positioned i on the same horizontal line

    There are no universal rules

    For the right shape of the eyebrows there is no precise rule and above all it is not always possible to follow fashion and its rules, this because as already said, a lot depends on the shape of the face. Remember that hair removal must be functional to the natural shape of the eyebrows, without distorting them and making them artificial. The retouch must be done to eliminate some defects, such as hairs that grow in the wrong places and filling any holes that can be created with a pencil.

    The advice is to not get too influenced by the fashion of the moment and remember that taking care of your eyebrows, means enhancing the natural conformation, avoiding the mistakes mentioned above.


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