Eyeglass frames

Round, square, rectangular or teardrop. What is the eyeglass frame that best fits the shape of your face? Find out on PG Magazine and find the optician closest to you.

Knowing how to recognize the shape of your face is essential to choose, among the many frames of eyeglasses on the market, the one that best suits your appearance. In fact, eyeglasses are an accessory that, in most cases, must be worn all day, so it is necessary that it enhances the person wearing it in the best possible way. There are several on the market, which manage to incorporate spectacles to sunglasses, as in the case of eyeglasses with magnetic clips. However, it is not always easy to identify the type of lens that best suits your needs, thus risking making random purchases, but these almost always turn out to be false. Therefore, let us try to clarify a little about the types of face and the forms that best suit them.

For each face its glasses

Eyeglasses are an important accessory, as they can improve the perception of the face and outfit that you intend to wear. For every face, in fact, there is a perfect frame to wear: we discover which one.

  • Oval face

The oval face, being the most harmonious, goes well with almost all shapes. However, rectangular eyeglasses are those that guarantee to preserve the proportions of the face in the best way. The frame must be of medium height and must have rounded corners, while the thickness is free.

  • Long face

The oblong face is narrow and develops in height, so perfect is the teardrop eyeglasses. However, the frame must not be too wide with respect to the edge of the temples. In the case of a face that is not too small, it is possible to opt for consistent thicknesses, while otherwise the frame must be thin.

  • Round face

As for the round face, you need to aim for square and not too thick eyeglasses, so as to lengthen the face and not take up too much space on the cheeks.

  • Square face

The square face needs to be softened, so go ahead for round eyeglasses with a medium-thin frame so as not to further harden the lines.

  • Diamond or heart face

The ideal eyeglasses are cat-shaped, which can also have very pronounced points, as well as thickness and height.

These precautions also apply if you have to choose the frame for a child’s glasses, even if the tastes of the child will prevail.

Eyeglass frames: freedom of style

As for the style of eyeglass frames there are no limitations, as it is good that they reflect the tastes of those who must wear them. The glasses, in fact, above all the eyeglasses, are not changed very frequently, so it is better to choose this accessory in a reasoned way, avoiding to follow the fashions of the moment taking into account your own personal look. A useful tip is surely not to prefer too bright or binding colors, which do not match well with most of the clothes placed in the wardrobe, or frames that are too eccentric or fashionable at a given moment, since it would be a waste of money. Retro, modern, baroque, linear, hypster, geek, sexy, turtle: the possibilities for eyeglasses are endless. The important thing is that you do not get bored after a short time and that you easily adapt to the outfits. Obviously, for glasses addicted, that is those who own several pairs of glasses, everything is allowed, since they can count on numerous frames to adapt to all the looks, even the most extreme ones.


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