Serums for eyelashes, what they are and how they are used

Serum for eyelashes represents one of the new frontiers of female beauty. Products that succeed in a few weeks to give thick and long eyelashes. What they are and how they are used

I serums for eyelashes they are a ‘must have’ to which women would now hardly give up. For all those who love having thick and long eyelashes but do not want to undergo invasive procedures such as extention or lamination of the eyelashes, these products offer the possibility of having an excellent result, visible in a few weeks.

Let’s discover together what eyelash serums are and how they are used to obtain a false but completely natural eyelash effect.

Serum for eyelashes, what they are and how they are used

 Lamination of the eyelashes, what is the treatment

One of the details that make the face of a female woman are without doubt the eyelashes . Beautiful eyelashes, long and thick, can alone define an eye and make it magnetic without the need for makeup. Unfortunately, however, eyelashes that you have as a child are hardly preserved, for the make-up we use every day to make them beautiful but also because free radicals change the appearance of even this small part of our body.

I serums for eyelashes promise to literally change our eyelashes by acting like real ‘boosters’ of health and beauty. However, there are two types, those based on active pharmaceutical ingredients and those based on natural active ingredients and vitamins.

The former have a well-defined posology and their application should always be preceded by a safety eye examination, the latter can be used in complete freedom but the results will be appreciated after a longer time.

Pharmaceutical-based eyelash serums are primarily based on an active ingredient, bimatoprost. This principle was developed starting from the composition of some eye drops to treat glaucoma which had the growth of eyelashes as a side effect. The bimatoprost-based eyelash serums would be considered real drugs and could even change the color of the iris as a side effect.

Natural-based serums contain above all vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants and give a result after the first 4 weeks. Whether you choose the pharmaceutical or natural serum, as soon as you stop applying it the effect will slowly disappear. The eyelash serums look like liquid eye liner and the product will be applied to the base of the lashes just like a makeup product.


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