Face mist

If you have sensitive skin and want a treatment that can revitalize, you must try the Face Mist, the beauty secret from Korea.

Pollution, stress, routine: all elements of everyday life that also hurt our body. To always be on top every day, it is essential to take care of our skin.

To do this, among the most popular products of the moment are the Face Mists: moisturizing waters to be sprayed on the face that come directly from the Korean beauty routine, to carry in your bag always with you and to use in your daily skin care as a beauty secret.

Products that refresh, hydrate and do not remove make-up. Let’s find out more.

What is the Face Mist?

By Face Mist, we mean the waters that come directly from Korean beauty products. They are often used in the first phase of skincare to revitalize the skin, but they can also replace the use of the tonic or be used to fix make-up.

The Face Mist owes its name to the mist, in English “mist”, which propagates the product by applying it directly to the face. It is transparent and is absorbed immediately, thus giving a very refreshing, soothing and pleasant effect to the skin.

Its formula contains powerful antioxidants such as Superoxide Dismustase, natural minerals such as copper and natural moisturizing complexes. You will find, therefore, in a single formula, five natural clinical technologies.

How do they work? The Face Mists are sprayed onto the face at a distance of about 10 centimeters and left to evaporate completely, acting in less than 30 seconds.

Face Mist: what is it for?

In eastern cities it is common to always carry a water spray on your face. Comfortable and practical, they are ideal to have on hand, in all circumstances. A real panacea to refresh and revitalize the skin protecting it from urban pollution, but the action of the Face Mist is not limited to this.

Make-up sprays are more and more common, but also water containing nutrients that hydrate the skin making it more elastic. Some products also have soothing ingredients, able to alleviate redness and irritation in case of sensitive skin.

Face Mist: the benefits of glowing skin

The Face Mist acts as a unique facial treatment against oxidative stress, dehydration and skin inflammation, not to be confused with micellar water. Many are the effects that will amaze you: it improves the appearance of the skin, giving tone and regulating the secretion of sebum, therefore the ideal for impure and asphyxiated skin; reduces wrinkles and softens the epidermis.

Furthermore, the “glow” effect will make your complexion brighter and more radiant, reducing clarity and imperfections. A skincare indicated for all skin types, even for the most sensitive ones.

Face Mist products are very easy to use, just 2 or 3 product pulses, so that it reaches the neck area too. You can apply your serum, cream and / or eye contour immediately afterwards. The Face Mist will become a habit that will be difficult to do without, to have a natural-looking face all day long.

The convenience is that there is no need to remove make-up: you can use it, in fact, even over make-up, thanks to its light consistency that is immediately absorbed by the skin of the face.

The Face Mist is a real must have, thanks to its many functions and is defined by experts as one of the most innovative treatment products for the face and skin care….


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