Facial cupping, what is face cupping and how it works

Facial cupping, what is facial cupping and how this aesthetic technique much loved by the stars works

Cupping is a manual technique that is often used on sportsmen in order to drain excess fluids and stimulate blood circulation in a precise point of the body. It also relieves pain, inflammation and stiffness in the muscles. Excellent treatment for cellulite, beloved by Hollywood stars.

The face coverings instead, how it works and above all what they are the results obtained from this treatment? Here are all the secrets of facial cupping.

Facial cupping: the technique of cupping applied to the face

 Facial beauty

The facial cupping uses the same technique of body cupping but in a more delicate way, using smaller cups . Small cups are applied in different parts of the face through the suction mechanism, they are then moved through a massage to other parts where they are left to act.

The effects of the treatment are many, first of all the circulation is reactivated of the blood and therefore there is a rejuvenation of the tissues. The skin looks healthier and brighter. The production of collagen is stimulated and the skin appears more toned and compact.

Most sought after effect of facial cupping is the toning of the parts of the face affected by age which tend to yield downwards. The eye contour area will also benefit from facial cupping, resulting lighter, toned and radiant.


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