After a few years of marriage it can happen that the desire to make love with a spouse begins to fade dangerously: this is why it happens in men and women

The decline in desire is a physiological problem of old-age couples: especially after several years of marriage sexual desire falls dramatically and this affects both men and women indifferently.

At the beginning of a love story, there is always a desire for intimacy : the partners just can’t stay away and sex life is rewarding, frequent and variegata.
With the passage of time, however, things inevitably change.

But what are the reasons that bring down the libido and bring the desire down after a few years of marriage? In this article, we list five of them.

Marriage and intimacy: why the desire to make love vanish?

 intimacy and boredom

  1. First of all the reasons why in a married couple the drop occurs of sexual desire there is undoubtedly the routine : when the couple is stable and run in, it enters a different phase in which intimacy requires less space. The risk is to get used to the presence of the other, falling in vicious circle of habit both in the daily routine and under the sheets.
  2. Another of the causes that lead to drop in libido after some years of marriage they are problems external to the couple : our lives are more and more frantic and very often the worries of work follow us also at home. We must never forget, in fact, that sexuality is not only physical but also and above all emotional and psychological: if you can’t relax, you will hardly want to make love!
  3. With the passing of time, then, it is possible that some small physical problems that negatively affect the sexual life are presented : women may have problems reaching orgasm, men may suffer from premature ejaculation. Not to mention any hormonal imbalances that can affect both him and her ! In these cases it is a good idea to ask your doctor for advice to try to restore a healthy and fulfilling couple’s intimacy.
  4. A fourth reason that drastically lowers sexual desire in married couples is the small, big problems that accumulate and ruin the relationship between husband and wife. The poor sexual understanding may depend on accumulated fatigue, anger or resentment towards the partner: resentment is a real killer for any marriage .
  5. In many cases, then, the arrival of a child in the family causes a drastic drop in sexual desire within the couple: very often, postpartum women live a delicate condition characterized by minor desire for intimacy. Many men, on the other hand, remain a bit “traumatized” after attending to the partner and it takes some time to get back on track.


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