Fashionable nail Polish in 2019: actual colors and shades

A manicure is a complex art. Almost every month there are new techniques that I would like to try. Drawings, paintings, a variety of coverings … But sometimes you want to abandon the sophisticated techniques and just apply enamel of the beautiful colors.

Go back home, the mood, the usual paint, which can be changed every day. And on the “reception” to nail artist and, sometimes, as well as the color and texture of the paint that is preferred in all complex projects.

Color of the cover without frills is always in fashion. Every year fashion trends offering new color palettes and unusual textures, which allows a normal manicure for stay and desirable interesting against the background of hundreds of pictorial techniques.

Fashion enamel 2019 is not just a paint of certain colors. This year fashion is not so much color, texture and glamor. In the list of the most popular special paints type of matt coating, variations of «sugar» glaze, as well as extraordinary glossy varnish – mod metal, holographic and pearl.

The best part is that the fashion series are among normal glaze (do not need of curing in UV lamp), and in the collections of the paint gel.

Among the paints without the effect the natural pastel shades tendency, from beige to delicate coffee, neutral, pink, light purple and milky white. Choose these shades in the glosses and enjoy a modest, but fashionable, manicure.

Fashion matte paint: the effect of nail glass

 Fashionable nail Polish in 2019: actual colors and shades  Fashionable nail Polish in 2019: actual colors and shades  Fashionable nail Polish in 2019: actual colors and shades

Matte finish for gel polish like a matt paint for home use, for many years they do not lose their popularity. Matte nails look very aesthetically pleasing and look like a sweet velvet.

In 2019, the technology has shifted and now Matt varnish has different effects. Standard opaque trend remains, but the biggest success of the year will be paint with raw glass effect. On the nails this polish looks absolutely gorgeous! The effect of the first and second color, more rough type of matte finish.

To get the “glass” nails in all their glory, the use of nadovich lacquer colors: beige, pink, coffee, camel, cream , pink and beige. The choice of trend cover, be prepared for the fact that the bright opaque nails are very dirty and always need to clean with alcohol or acetone solution.

The metallic effect: the trend of nail aesthetics 2019

 Fashionable nail Polish in 2019: actual colors and shades

To get the incredible “metal” nail it’s better to use a special sheet. But between nail polish, you can find a suitable effect with a beautiful light. In fashion, shades of precious metals – gold and silver.

Particularly beautiful are the white-gold-pale gold tone nails with the addition of a tone of gray, rose gold and a light gold with pink tones. Lacquered with metallic effect can be perfectly compatible with the usual glossy gloss of similar shades.

You can combine nail polish with a metal, or combine two types of paint directly on the same nail. To create interesting combinations, choose the geometric pattern of the nails.

Splendid metallic colored and lacquered look. In 2019 choose colors with shades of berries, bright violet and «space» colors purple, blue, rich blue. Covering fashion textures may be different, but metallic coatings well be matte and glossy, and with a different number of radiant particles.

Lacca-chamaleonte: fashion play of colors

 Fashionable nail Polish in 2019: actual colors and shades

The paint changes color depending on the fashion angle a 2019 shot. It combines the beauty of enamel with metallic effect and special exotic juices of colors. Crazy modulations and color transitions, perfect for summer, nail polish, even if this trend is destined to remain popular throughout the year.

Dark colors above all will be: chameleons in shades of green and green-gold, blue-purple, as well as changing color from black blue to deep turquoise. It looks very nice combination of purple and green

Between the lines of actual gel you can find a cover with a suggestive passage of color, but of a different type. In case of thermo-paints, color changes in the range of similar shades, or with the effect of Shadows. It depends on the transition from body temperature and the environment: thermal Polish reacts to heat.

At the base of the polish nail be the same color, because heat from the body, and at the end of the nail – other, because there it’s the nail will always be fresher.

«Mirror», lacquer

 Fashionable nail Polish in 2019: actual colors and shades

2019 never ceases to amaze extravagant types of paint. In the fashion sector, a unique lining with juicy brilliance. Depending on the shade, the paint will give a gloss, or the effect of wet nails. Wonderful nail look water in white, pink and blue.

In addition, manufacturers offer a line of mirror highlighting glazes or the chameleon effect – 2-in-1. A delicate mix of colors and fabulous flare reminiscent of fantastic unicorns and multi-colored caramel at the same time – this coating will definitely lift the mood in any situation! By the way, this polish will satisfy short nails

Polish with a holographic effect

 Fashionable nail Polish in 2019: actual colors and shades

Another Polish trend with unusual color spillover effect. The refraction of light on the paint particles gives the correct color change ovals, under the sun, literally “running” on the nail. It seems very nice. Brilliant glossy holographic silver shades can be used in summer and winter to select coat in shades of blue.

Glitter nail Polish

 Fashionable nail Polish in 2019: actual colors and shades

The more Popular lacquer in 2019 is a traditional glitter nail polish. Fashion small sequins, which play beautifully in light. Choosing a coat for all nails, give preference to paints with a gloss and gloss shine.

If you need nail design nails, you like it lucky with a rough “sugar” at the top. Sparkling lacquers look great in all its shades, without restrictions. Choose bright colors in pink and blue patterns, and for “sugar” in darker colors like the classic black or brown.


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