Trendy highlights for brown hair photo

Stylists around the world believe blond hair is the perfect springboard for their creative ideas and fashion trends 2020 highlighting position, as the main tool to create new unique nuances

 Trendy highlights for brown hair photo

The dyeing process to obtain striated strands

The pros and cons of highlighting on brown hair

The weave is a method of partial dyeing of hair, so to maintain natural harmony. Often this method for choosing girls with fine and thin filaments. This coloring allows you to visualize and add volume to the hair. In addition, there are a number of other benefits:

    Chemicals affect only individual strands, the rest remain intact. To weave with the purpose of correction, compared to a solid painting, much less often, because the roots is not absolutely evident. Colored areas highlight the natural color of the hair so saturate more juicy suggestions. It perfectly solves the problem of white hair

 Trendy highlights for brown hair photo

Highlights for short hair

In addition to the positive aspects, there are some significant disadvantages, highlighting the inability to color, without assistance and the duration of the procedure

The types of highlighting

The great Frenchman Jacques Dessange gave the world this beautiful form of hair coloring. They say the idea of ​​partially painted came to him when he realized that the sun was playing on his friend’s hair. His first model was the famous Brigitte Bardot. In those days, the highlights could afford very rich ladies. A number of shops that offered this procedure were negligible.

 Trendy highlights for brown hair photo

Today, armor is the trend most in different painting techniques. Let’s look at the most popular types of blonde hair.

    Venetian. Made on dark brown hair. For this method of matching gold and beige tones. The color transition is done from the roots to the tips and only visible vertically. The Brazilian. In this method, it is necessary to obtain the burned hair effect. The roots remain intact. For painting, use 2-4 tone colors closer to the natural color of the hair

 Trendy highlights for brown hair photo

Original highlight on long hair

    The French. Long or medium length hair use. While staining or a pair of upper strands or lightening a specific area. The paint is selected based on how light or dark for up to 1 ton. Shadows. This method of hair coloring is also referred to as highlighting. This technique is applied 3-4 tone of paint with the subsequent coloring. In this way we obtain the effect of a gradual passage of light in the darkest shadow from the hair roots for its ends.

 Trendy highlights for brown hair photo

Elegant highlighting options for Shadows

    Lo Shatush. This coloring variant is performed without foil. Filaments are taken arbitrarily and are to be painted as close as possible to the natural color of the hair. Ideal for giving volume and rare hair and keeping it natural.

 Trendy highlights for brown hair photo

Highlights Lo Shatush

    Balaj. This technique is chosen by those who want to radically change the style. The coloring does not start with the roots, and with a medium hairline. Thus, the color shift begins in the middle, and the hair looks more effective.

 Trendy highlights for brown hair photo


    Classic. Threads are colored with the sheet. The weft is very thick and thin threads, retreating from the roots of 0.5-1 cm for the tips.

In evidence on the brown hair of different lengths

Short hair. Stylists prove once again that it highlights light brown hair is fashionable, trendy in 2020. In the picture we can see several new interesting hairstyles options with straight slanted fringe.

 Trendy highlights for brown hair photo

Haircut texture with fringe

Girls with short hair often highlights to give volume to the hair. But that is not all. Highlights on short hair distracts from the outside defects, emphasizes the shape of haircuts suitable for any age. In 2020, the fashion of naturalness and harmony. So you can forget the bright red or colored samples in your hair.

Choose the paint for dyeing with a difference of 1-2 shades, from the natural color of the hair.

For short hairstyles stylists recommend using one of three dyeing techniques: Californian, French or Balaj.

Owners of the hairstyles slider fits a classic highlighting version. Perfectly adds volume and allows the most beautiful for your hair style. The most striking options for highlighting brown hair, in 2020, in Kare hair shown in the picture below.

 Trendy highlights for brown hair photo

Highlights on Kare

Long hair. The owners are long blond hair adapts to all types of highlighting. To give a natural tone to the color selected in accordance with the color of the skin.

Remember that women with fair skin (Nordic or cold type), select ash, lilac and platinum shades. Owners of dark skin should choose between chocolate and copper tones. Perfect cognac, walnut and Golden reflections

 Trendy highlights for brown hair photo

Fashion due to the presence of streaks is very variable. And what was fashionable 10 years ago is surprising today. Presented to the photo of options to highlight light brown hair, determine the main trends of the 2019-2020 hairstyle season, which will certainly help you create your unique image.


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