Fashionable womens shoes platform

Once the famous designer Salvatore Ferragamo invented platform shoes. It was over 70 years ago, but the fashion world never stops, many designers consider it their duty to impress fashion lovers with new discoveries. Lately that often there are no innovations that are not only surprising, and even baffling. But there are those who the gentleman be happy, do not hesitate, for example, the shoe platform.

The word “flat” in pervading in English means “flat, smooth”. It is flat and smooth platform without heel. Shoes on the platform is comfortable and practical. Put on her, we feel and on top, and at the same time comfortable.

 Fashionable womens shoes platform
Photo from above – Chloe
The photo below – Prada

 Fashionable womens shoes platform

Now many strive to live the principle – “I am so comfortable”, and many designers are calling for it, offering them “naked clothes”, “torn skirt and bras”. But the platform does not apply to such ugly “comfort”, this sun looks really beautiful and, at the same time, extremely practical. Among the first designers who participated in this idea was Prada, Michael Kors, Chanel, Philip Lim, Derek Lam and others

Platform made of lightweight materials, such as cork, plastic, rubber, wood. It can be braided with ethnic motifs and can be smooth or grooved.

The upper part of the Scarpa is often made of leather, silicone, fabric and metal materials with various colors. Decorative elements in a shoe can be laces, straps, bands, buckles, perforations,…

 Fashionable womens platform shoes
RAG & BONE and Marc Jacobs
Stella McCartney

 Fashionable womens shoes platform [19659002] Some shoes can have platformu

It can be shoes, sneakers, sandals, flip-flops. And not just shoes for the spring-summer and winter season. In the latter case, boots and shoes and boots.

What to wear with platform shoes

Beautiful shoes, platforms with relaxed and skirts and dresses for the floor, with pants, shorts. As a top for trousers or skirts, you can choose fitted tops, t-shirts, shirts, jackets.
As shoes on platform difficult to call elegant, the jewels in your kit the best choice would be huge jewels or scarves.

Sandals or flip-flops on the platform. Eye-catching sandals or flip-flops on the platform with a summer dress or sundress, shorts. This is the best choice for summer vacations, because you can afford to be out all day, and your feet don’t get tired.

Platforma shoes is a great choice for cold and rainy. Sun, lifting is high, don’t be afraid to get your feet wet. The designers are used to surprise. Apparently classic, lace-up dress, moccasins, Derby cannot be combined with platformui. However, this shoe has been the most popular in recent times.

 Fashionable womens platform shoes


In each woman’s shoe cabinet are tennis shoes. Wear in all women, regardless of age. Many of the models proposed by designers, meet trendy sports. If you are a woman, veteran, choose for your walks in the woods or even along the Boulevard, in the simplest model colored sneakers with laces or slip-ons. If you are a young girl, sneakers can have bright colors, with funny prints or decorative elements.

Platform shoes. Heavy, military-style or biker-style boots now peak in popularity. And high platform on them gives an aggressive character that can be improved in chiffon skirt or a light fabric dress.

Stylists recommend wearing platform with cocktail dresses, skinny pants. Tall women, to wear shoes, too, should not, in this version of the weight figure.

If you are in doubt about choosing a pair of platform shoes, focus in less than decorative elements or with the sun. Platform shoes – active for girls and women.

So, you need to buy such shoes to create the elegant and attractive look of women, update your clothing and make you feel good.

 Fashionable womens shoes platform
Antonio Marras, Coach
Issey Miyake, Shiatzy Chen

 Fashionable womens shoes platform


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