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Female erogenous zones that you didn’t know you had | Here are what they are and how to stimulate them to bring pleasure to the woman. Practical advice for men!

We often asked ourselves what female erogenous zones are and how to do it so that you can experience further pleasure. Perhaps not everyone knows that there are points in a woman’s body which, if stimulated well, can lead to a pleasure never felt. Each of us women has their own erogenous zones hidden and delicate to the touch but, probably, not all know their position. To learn to understand what these erotic points could be, we must first know the meaning of the word “erogenous zone” and study our body well, without fear or shame.

On the other hand Freud had already done it long ago, and he was a man. Our whole body is a erogenous zone . Obviously there are more sensitive areas than others, however any part of the body is actually sensitive to erotic stimulation, especially if the mind is predisposed. Here, it all depends on the predisposition we have mentally and the curiosity that drives us to seek an answer to our intimate pleasure. How to understand it? Let’s start by explaining what the erogenous zone is

Do you know what is the erogenous zone for women?

 erogenous zones for women

In every woman’s body, there are parts of the body that, if stimulated, give pleasure, but this is not for everyone, others may instead give a sense of annoyance, therefore the concept of “erogenous zone” is highly subjective. Scientifically, erogenous zone means each part with a mucous coating and that for this reason it can receive sexual arousal. But, science aside, in a more modest way, the erogenous zone of women can be found in some parts that, commonly, if stimulated they give pleasure. These areas are that: anal, oral, uro-genital and the nipples . Generally these female erogenous zones are the classic which, if stimulated, each woman (or in any case the majority of them) bring physical pleasure.

But why do these erogenous zones bring pleasure? Well, simply because they are areas that have a rich nervous termination and that, therefore, if touched, they provide more pleasure. So the classic erogenous zones are well present in the female (and male) collective imagination. Let’s see, instead, which other parts of the female body you would never have imagined you could consider as erogenous zones and let’s explain the reason.

Female erogenous zones that you didn’t know you had | Here’s how to discover them


Understand what the meaning of erogenous zone is and explained, broadly speaking, what are the classic erogenous zones and more common in women, now the time has come to reveal other parts of the body subject to high erotic pleasure if teased. Areas, these, which you would not have imagined owning or which you did not think were erogenous zones.

Let’s see some less common areas but which can really give emotions to the woman precisely because they have been “set aside ”From you and previous partners. Let’s start with:

The knees

The epidermis of the knees is extremely sensitive, especially the one found in the back of them. Try with your partner to massage and kiss the whole area to give you unique emotions, which you would never have thought of trying in such a place.

The scalp

Massaging the scalp of a woman with fingertips, determines the release immediate endorphin: never underestimate this area for immediate and relaxing pleasure.

The neck

Like the scalp, even the neck of a woman, if massaged properly with fingertips, can bring immediate pleasure. erotic. This area is defined as highly erotic since it is precisely in the nape that an infinity of nerve endings reside, resulting in an area, the nape, highly sensitive to touch.

The navel

belly and navel kisses can be a truly pleasant experience for a woman, especially if caressed with the tip of the partner’s tongue. A sensational pleasure to try!

The hands

In the woman’s hands are important: take her fingers in her mouth and suck them gently looking her straight in the eyes. Shivers are assured!

The inside of the elbow and arms

these are also highly erogenous zones, especially the hollow of the elbow and the armpits. If you gently touch them with your fingertips and moisten with the tip of the tongue, they bring an exhilarating pleasure. Goosebumps!

The back

A slow and prolonged massage with your hands or, if you want to exaggerate, with your feet, tongue or your chest, can make a woman very excited. With the help of a massage oil or a special cream it further raises the excitative level of both partners.

The mind and the imagination | two fundamental erogenous zones of the woman

 female erogenous zones, the brain

We talked about what the erogenous zones are less known to women and how to stimulate them to feel pleasure. But, one of the erogenous zones par excellence in women is the mind followed hand in hand, by the imagination. It is not trivial but the mind is the erogenous zone par excellence in women. It is what most stimulates pleasure. Unlike the man who, on the other hand, is more stimulated by the visual, the woman finds a brilliant, mysterious and at the same time daring mind more exciting so bold as to make her understand that we can go further the limits of pure desire.

Ed it is precisely from the brain that the birth of desire and excitement and the possibility of reaching the peak of pleasure depend. Only when the mind is free of thoughts and worries can it let go. If the brain refuses to abandon itself, it is possible that the body does not respond in any way to the various stresses carried out even in the parts of the body known to be considered most erogenous.

The best way, and probably the only way to stimulate pleasure in women, is to stimulate her imagination. The man as we mentioned earlier, is very sensitive to touch and visual in women, does not mind too much when he enters “intimate mode” . The woman, unlike the man, instead is attracted by the mind and the imagination linked to the mystery, waiting for the aftermath. So, to stimulate intimate pleasure and keep it alive, the woman needs words that explain what will happen next, but all in a veiled way.

Mystery and imagination push the woman’s mind to remain “in waiting ”for intimate and erotic desire. So, for you male partner who wants to stimulate your better half, we suggest you to remain deliberately mysterious, stimulating his curiosity all day long. Then send her messages on her cell phone with clues as to where you will go.

Female erogenous zones | Practical advice for men


The sexuality of women unlike that of men, is more cerebral than physical. The woman already makes love while choosing the dress to wear and putting on her makeup to go out, if you have been able to stimulate her properly. The woman makes love at the restaurant table if you are a sensual person. While having dinner play a mischievous game of glances, or while you are talking, suddenly stop the conversation, look her straight in the eyes for a few seconds, brush her hair from her forehead and whisper gently: “You are the most fascinating woman in the world” . The evening must be a crescendo of feeling and “brain sex” that culminates with the physical sexual act and not a boring sequence of events waiting to make love. If you do so, his body will truly be a whole erogenous zone. Word of Sigmund Freud!



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