Fig oil, a powerful elixir of beauty for the skin

Fig oil, obtained from the cold pressing of the small seeds contained in the fruit, is a natural remedy rich in beneficial properties for the skin.

Fig oil a quite unknown natural remedy but which gives the skin many beneficial properties. It can be found in well-stocked or online herbalist’s shops and once you try it you can’t do without it.

Rich in fatty acids, polyphenols, minerals and flavonoids, fig oil gives elasticity to the skin, nourishing it, hydrating and plumping it. In fact, this oil is a powerful anti-aging product but has a unique characteristic that makes it a truly irreplaceable product.

Fig oil, a powerful beauty remedy for the skin

 facial base

Fig oil, can be used every day, massaging it on the moistened face to be able to convey all the beneficial substances through the epidermis, in addition to the anti-age power and to make the skin always toned, compact, hydrated and nourished, fig oil is able to exfoliate it naturally . It therefore acts like a real fruit acid, removing dead cells and making the face skin particularly luminous and smooth.

Not everyone, however, can use fig oil, an effective natural remedy but that could irritate the most sensitive skin. All those suffering from dermatitis, couperose, and other skin problems, should prefer more delicate vegetable oils . Fig oil is also a sensitive photo and therefore should be used only in the evening and never before exposure to sunlight. Before using fig oil, it will be good to contact the council of dermatologist doctor.


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