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The controversies around the origin of our personality remain numerous. When some think it is innate, others state that it is acquired and shaped by experiences on our way of life.

But it turns out that our identity and the deep roots of our personalities are anchored right at our fingertips, yes, precisely, in our fingers. Many practitioners believe that the universe would have printed our way of life in the form of a code written no further than in our hands, including a decortication of our being and our attitudes that would depend essentially on the shape and length of our fingers! Lighting.

You have your finger perfectly straight

If you have your right and uniform finger over the entire length, you have a strong personality with a great fondness for independence. So, while your empathy for others is one of your greatest qualities, it’s hard to trust and lower your guard.

You have your finger pointed

If you are in this category, you will enjoy your life to the fullest. For you, we only live once and each moment must be savored as if it were the last. Your only weak point is your exacerbated tendency to serve others, to want to please people who mischievously benefit from your kindness. This will not fail to hurt you in heart stories.

You have a hunched finger

If your finger has several bosses on the length, you are among those who respect the rules on any occasion and never deviate. You are full of common sense, adorable and the first person you call because your loved ones know they can count on you.

Do you recognize yourself? So let’s continue our analysis with the length of your fingers:

If your index is shorter than your ring finger

If the morphology of your hands matches that description, then you are a magnetic person and your presence alone attracts attention. You approach people with charm and confidence. Taking risks does not scare you and getting out of your comfort zone is a personal commitment that never fails to bear fruit. If some people see you as an aggressive person, it is only because you are confident and know exactly what you want in life.

This attitude propels you straight towards a military career, commercial or even business leader.

If your index is longer than your ring finger

If you belong to this category, you are undoubtedly a leader in the soul. You were born to guide and govern. When situations become festering, you are reactive and able to enlighten others on possible solutions. You have a balanced character that inspires confidence. Besides, this is the reason why your entourage constantly comes to ask you for advice. You are rather destined to a career of politician, professor, or author of books dedicated to the personal development ….

These more than intriguing results show that the universe hides many mysteries, be it about our personality, our essence or even our way of life. Thus, one can only follow his inner voice, a real revealing element of the next steps to take and try to dissect the coded messages represented by our body as being an ultimate means of communication that binds us to the universe.


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