This image is one of the most popular optical illusions. Do you trust your instincts and choose what was first in your mind? Rabbit or duck? There is no good answer but several interpretations that will say a lot about your temperament.

 Duck rabbit

What did you see first?

You’ve seen the duck:

If the first thing you saw while observing the image is a duck, it’s a safe bet that you’re a great idealist. Driven by values ​​of sharing and compassion, you are protective and careful to create a caring atmosphere for those around you. Under your distant and reserved airs, you have a rich and fulfilling spiritual life. Boredom? Too little for you. Your world is so rich that you do not hesitate to express yourself through artistic and human works. Your emotional intelligence is rare. This quality allows you to resolve conflicts and reveal the potential of those around you. Your goodness and your humanism are worth to you the esteem of your peers who do not hesitate to solicit you for your precious advices.

You’ve seen the rabbit:

If the first thing you saw while looking at the picture is a rabbit, it’s very likely that you’re a rational person. Your critical mind allows you to discern the friends of malicious people. You want to understand how the world works. Curious and lively, your conversations are pleasant and you are never short of ideas to amuse the gallery. You like to feel surrounded sometimes to find yourself in bad company. Your curiosity is inexhaustible and you are constantly on the lookout for new challenges. Your foolproof logic allows you to solve delicate situations with mastery. With your friends, you show yourself generous and friendly. This quality will make you someone influential in your surroundings. However, you can sometimes be impatient.

What is a visual personality test?

It is always fun to consult the interpretations related to the perception of an image. These effectively decrypt the data recorded by the unconscious. According to the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, it is a psychic process that differs from conscious thought, of which we are all aware. It is buried and often repressed by the subject. It can be activated under the state of hypnosis or meditative. Deprived of the moral values ​​and dictates of society, it contains our impulses and our animal side. Often, the unconscious is expressed through our neuroses or our dreams beyond all rationality. Did you recognize yourself in the description?


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