Many newlyweds have many expectations about the first night; however, stress and fatigue often take over. Here are some suggestions to better enjoy this moment while maintaining spontaneity and avoiding disappointment

It is known that most couples, when organizing their own marriage aspire to perfection: the bride and groom spend the months preceding the day of their union to organize the decorations in the church, to look for the right restaurant, to fill in the guest list and to choose the outfit they will wear, all in the hope that nothing is out of place and that everyone can appreciate and remember that date forever.

The same expectations are placed on the wedding night, which in the imagination should be perfect, romantic and impeccable, but more often than not, in reality it ends up being a moment in which the two lovers collapse in the arms of Morpheus because of the stress and accumulated fatigue.

So that the newlyweds keep spontaneity and free themselves from the various social expectations to live the moment as it comes, without too many fantasies, here are some tips!

4 Tips to not ruin the evening

If once the wedding night was the moment when the spouses first slept together and in many cases made love for the first time, today things have changed a lot, often we get married after years of cohabitation, after having children or after other relationships and expectations regarding this moment have decreased compared to the past. However, it remains an important circumstance and should not be ruined; for this reason it is important to live it to the full following some suggestions.

Follow your wish

Nowhere is it written that you have to make love on your wedding night; if you are tired, destroyed, maybe a little drunk and sleep takes over, be honest with yourself and your partner! Better to fall asleep embraced than to have unwilling sex or just because it’s part of a “script”. You will have your whole life ahead!

Perfection does not exist

Do you want to be beautiful, sexy and perfect in your husband’s eyes? Surely you already are from the moment you decided to get married. Therefore it is good to aim for sensual lingerie, but only if you feel at ease: it would be worse to wear it with fear and shame.

Enjoy your moment

Something went wrong? Wasn’t lunch like you expected? Now the day is over, remember the good times and even the unexpected with a smile, enjoy your evening, alone and for a moment forget everything else!

Remember that tomorrow is another day

If after the ceremony and the celebrations collapsed in bed do not make a drama, there is always the next morning: wake up making lots of cuddles, some surprises and who knows maybe you will be full of energy to make love. But there are no rules, it is right that every couple and every person live these moments as they feel, the important thing is to remember to communicate their love to the partner!


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