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Find out what are the times when you should train yourself to get the best out of your body.

Training is a very important moment of the day because apart from staying fit and healthy you can achieve different goals according to your needs. Thus, one can train to lose weight, to tone or even to relax the muscles as in the case of stretching. Whatever the reason for engaging in sport, even the timetable can make the difference. Although what matters is to move, in fact, there are times that for certain types of training are more effective. Let’s find out what they are to make physical activity even more efficient.

The right times for every type of training


Let’s start by saying that if you are a beginner or you are followed by an instructor it is always good to turn to those you know to have targeted opinions and that take into account many details that may concern the person. Having said that, there are times that may be more suitable when you want to get a certain result.

The right time to lose weight . If you are training to lose weight, as often happens, the most correct hours are those in the morning and, to be precise, those that go from 6:00 to 8:00. The ideal is to train even before breakfast because if you fast, the body will burn more fat. The first meal of the day, in this case, should take place within 30 minutes (one hour maximum) from the sports session.

The best time to give volume to the muscles . If you are aiming for muscle tone or definition, then it is best to bet everything on the afternoon hours and to be precise from 17:00 to 19:00. In this time slot, in fact, performance is better and it will be easier to get good results.

The right time to feel more energetic . Training in the morning is once again the right choice. Here the hour does not count that much as long as you train immediately after getting up and follow it all up with an energetic breakfast. This way you will start the day full of endorphins and more awake and ready than ever.

The perfect time to download stress . Finally, if you train to relax, the evening is the best time. After a day of work, going for a run or following a session in the gym will help to keep away the accumulated tensions. In order not to run the risk of having a sleepless night, however, it would be better to follow the physical activity with some moments to dedicate to relaxation. All right, a mini meditation session some stretching done with relaxing music or a nice hot bath before going to sleep. Something that mitigates the energy effect that sport has always given.

Obviously these times must be taken only as suggestions and not as a rule to be followed at all costs. First of all, because they can vary according to habits and lifestyle and above all because at the end of the day what matters most is physical activity. Reason for which, it is always preferable to do it at a different time than to abstain to wait for the right moment.



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