Fitwalking is the perfect sport for pregnant women. It is in fact the simple walk but, this time, it must be done correctly, maintaining a good rhythm and correct posture

Fitwalking in pregnancy is the right workout for the woman who is expecting a baby. Helps sustain that right rhythm of physical activity to prevent or at least alleviate many pregnancy complications. A real cure for a good gestation, but also for a more serene post partum.

Why choose fitwalking?

Fitwalking has no contraindications first of all. At least that is not the gynecologist or the general practitioner to impose a static pregnancy for particular health problems. More and more people are approaching this practice because it offers great freedom, it does not impose rigid schedules to train and even precise places to do so. However, it allows you to keep fit, preventing problems typical of pregnancy such as water retention but also postpartum depression. A real cure also for mood and self-esteem.

It is a motor-sports activity tailored to each woman. It allows you to keep your body’s muscles, including your back, fit. Very important during gestation. Not only that, there are benefits also on the pelvic floor which is strengthened.

To get the benefits from fitwalking during pregnancy it is necessary to practice it regularly. Thus the activity begins to bear fruit. Less than a year ago, on 17 May 2017, there was a dedicated event. “The art of walking in pregnancy” was held in Milan and was organized by Natalben and Fitwalking Italia.

Professor Alessandra Graziottin, Director of the Center for Gynecology H. San Raffaele Resnati in Milan, comments on fitwalking in pregnancy: “Fitwalking is definitely perfect for pregnant women, but not enough! Before starting the journey to become parents, it is essential to evaluate one’s physical and mental condition […] Furthermore, it is essential to start with a fit mother. In fact, fat cells can produce thousands of inflammatory molecules, which increase the risk of diabetes, hypertension, placental insufficiency and premature birth. Getting in shape before pregnancy is an act of love for the child who will be born! “

Not just fitwalking in pregnancy

Walking is good and is a sporting practice accessible to practically every pregnant woman. However it is not enough for a serene gestation. It is necessary to start a pregnancy when the weight is reached, at the same time removing negative habits such as alcohol abuse and smoking. Possible diseases must be monitored and any vitamin deficiencies evaluated.

According to experts, vitamin and mineral supplementation should begin three months before pregnancy. So in theory, from the moment you start looking for a child. All this also reduces fetal malformations.


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