Foot polish

Not all women manage to apply nail polish to their feet properly. Follow our advice so as not to make mistakes.

Lo foot polish is not just for summer, it is pleasant to apply even during the winter season, it can happen to everyone to spend a week at the beach even in the middle of winter on a Caribbean island, so your feet will be exposed. In this case you will wear sandals, wedges and flip flops from the beaches a, so take care of your feet not only in the summer.

It is not easy to put on the nail polish and have your feet well-groomed, almost all of them commit errors especially during the application of the enamel.

Let’s find out how to apply the enamel without smudging.

How to put the enamel without making mistakes


Apply the enamel without committing mistakes are not for everyone, unless he is a beautician, but do not be discouraged, if you follow our advice you can also do it at home alone.

1. Choose a strategic point in the house where nobody will bother you, perhaps the sofa in the living room, or in the kitchen on a comfortable chair.

2. Place towels on the floor that can be easily washed if a few drops of nail polish fall off.

3. The nail polish must be applied after a pedicure especially useful if you have calluses, because must be sanded.

4. Remove the cuticles and moisturize your feet with the cream after a scrub.

5. Put the finger separator : it must always be present in the beauty case of every woman, it is very useful, as it serves to distance the fingers and makes the job easier. If you haven’t, use a cotton ball between one finger and the other.

6. The nail polish bottle should be left on a surface: so as to use one hand to hold the brush and the other to keep the finger still during application.

7. Do not take too much enamel : the right amount of enamel with which to imbib the brush is such that it does not drip.

8. If you use your right hand to apply the nail polish, start from the little finger of the left foot, and then from the thumb of the right foot, so as not to bump and stain the nails that have already been colored. Otherwise, those who use the left hand must start from the little finger of the right foot and from the thumb of the left foot.

9. Do not use too thick enamels if you are not experienced and good at applying them, because they are more difficult to use.

10. Before applying the nail polish, apply an oily product with the help of a brush, to the skin surrounding the nail, to eliminate burrs or stains. Alternatively, a soaked towel is also fine.

11. Spread the product on the center of the nail slowly from top to bottom, then the nail polish which remains denser on the sides. It spreads in turn first from one and then from the other side.

12. Never start putting the nail polish on the hairline it is important to leave a part of the nail without polish, so that the result looks cleaner.

13. Make a small touch-up on the end of the nail in the transverse direction, so as to color its section as well.

14. Let the enamel dry well without moving, in order to speed up drying. If you have limited time, dry with a hair dryer at a cold temperature, with a fan or with the spray-polish dryer.


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