French manicure

The return of the French Manicure, the nail look par excellence

The French Manicure is a great classic for the look of nails. About 10 years ago there was a big boom in this type of manicure, because it is elegant and you always have your hands in order, then over time we have learned to dare with so many colors of enamels.

There is also to say that new types of enamels have arrived on the market, precisely to meet the needs of women, such as with weekly long-lasting enamels and so slowly we have rediscovered the charm of colored and lacquered nails.

We arrive in 2019 in which we rediscover the French Manicure, even if in many new versions.

Who invented the French Manicure

Before telling you about the latest trends in French Manicure and 2019 nails, I also like to remind you of the history of this manicure, which is not at all French as its name suggests, but its origins are found in California!

The invention of the French is in fact due to Jeff Pink, founder of the ORLY brand and historical figure of the nail world.

In 1975, Jeff Pink worked as a make-up artist in Hollywood studios, where he was in charge of the actresses look. The problem was having to adapt the color of the glaze with each change of actresses’ dress and reduce the technical time dedicated to make-up between one scene and another.
Jeff Pink then had a simple but at the same time brilliant idea: to create a Natural Nail Look that gave the effect of a perfect manicure, as with colored nail polish.

He did nothing but perfect the natural appearance of the nails, accentuating the layer of rose on the nail bed and a thin white line on the tip (the smile line).

The Natural Nail Look later became French Manicure when Jeff Pink brought this creation to Europe. He achieved so much success in Europe, especially on the catwalks of Parisian fashion, that Pink himself renamed his invention in honor of the country that had adopted it with such enthusiasm.

The new versions of the French Manicure 2019

The classic version of the French includes a semi-transparent nude base and a natural white smile line, but there are other versions: the one with a bright pink base and a smile line of a more intense white, the one with a super-thin smile line and, again, the so-called French Evolution, in which the base and smile line can take on many different colors. And now let’s find out how to wear it at this time.

French shaded manicure

Here is the faded French manicure but in reality you will hear about it as Baby Boomer, the most popular manicure at the moment. It consists of soft degrade, which goes from baby pink to milk white and is an excellent idea also for the wedding manicure. To make this type of manicure the oval shape is the most suitable, and it is very comfortable especially in summer at the beach! I’d also put a touch of glitter on it …

The Colored French

This photo is even a double french manicure with colored double lunettes but it is an excellent idea to vary the classic french with colors, even if only with the silver smile line and a candy pink base.

The colorful French with transparent nails and the colored smile line, or many colored variations on the entire nail are also very popular.

Certainly a bit strong, but very funny especially in the summer!

The drawings

The French manicure is also an excellent base for nail art and to create many designs. All in all, even a discreet idea to make a classic manicure more lively. If you have never dared with nail art, with a French it could be a good way to start… Try also the 3D drawings really perfect on this type of manicure.

With short nails

And how do we put it with short nails? The french can still be chic, if not ideal in this case! It is above all with short nails, in fact, that we need to have hands that are neat and always tidy.

Those of you who have never tried this type of manicure at least once, and after a long time, why not rediscover it again.

You know well that better results are obtained with semi-permanent or gel polish but there are also excellent products to make it do it yourself.

I find it very comfortable especially the French sea, to have the nails always in order on the beach.


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