G-string: advantages and disadvantages

Thongs are available in almost every girl’s wardrobe. And it is unlikely that there is one as discussed in detail in lingerie. On the top of fashion they took off not long ago, but were first mentioned at the beginning of the last century, in 1939.

Once the next mayor of New York visited the bar, where he danced naked girls. Apparently, what he saw did not satisfy the moral ideals of the mayor and he, after this visit, issued a decree requiring the lord to close their hips to be at least minimally.

How can that be? The dancers have been brilliantly solved the problem of how to maintain the interest of visitors and not to break the law. This solution was the invention of most of the Sexy panty models Tanga which are ladies from all over the world.

Is this cute female joke really so harmless? The controversy surrounding the strings does not cease this day, the adversaries of such sexy panties are especially insisting on their navigation and caused them discomfort. However, the statistics speak louder than words: in the West, flip-flops are almost 70 percent of women and about a third of men. It is unlikely in Europe and USA practiced as a massive samoistyazatel. So what is the reason?

G-string: advantages and disadvantages

The thong is really comfortable, especially in summer. Yes. If you choose the size model, you won’t even feel your body anymore. This model is in panties and form-fitting, with pants, skirts, classic dresses, erotic thong and does not stand out under the clothes.

Furthermore, this lingerie article gives women greater freedom in an intimate environment, trusting in their own sexuality, attractiveness and irresistibility. But not only women – the Loincloth is actually the cure and the strong plan, although, it must be admitted, most men do not like to admit that they are wearing clothes.

And after all the disputes and disagreements were not born in a vacuum. Yes, we have to admit that the straps are the cons, which made a lot of women ardent opponents of this underwear. It turns out that these beautiful panties are simply perfect for breeding bacteria, the presence of thrushes and other bad infections all along the anus to the vagina. Because of the uncomfortable bumping into the body it increases the likelihood of hemorrhoids – also quite pleasant. The ropes and cloth strips and STROFINARE hurt the delicate skin, which causes irritation and microtrauma.

So what do women do? You don’t have to give the air of magnificence. Of course not! It is not necessary, just follow some tricks.

Make it a rule to buy only natural fabrics. Non-synthetic

Better not to wear flip-flops in hot weather . The fact is that, contrary to popular belief, they are less suitable for heat. Heat and humidity accelerate the growth of bacteria.

Generally, it is better to wear a thong, it is not regular, like, for example, on a romantic date. For ordinary life it is better to buy other models, but a lot of them for every taste and color.

Wear a thong of the right size . They must not hurt the body, it is not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous, as it causes the development of certain diseases.

Even better than not wearing the panties for the whole day. It is very harmful.

Unfortunately, many women, first and foremost, put the underwear brand and its appearance and safety is good if it is not among the priorities. In modern lingerie stores can be bought safe and sexy alternative to the questionable thong. This, for example, is the slip and tango model.


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