Did it happen to you after eating that you were still hungry? Follow the advice to get up from the table completely satisfied and satisfied.

Has it ever happened to you to get up from the table but you don’t feel satiated at all?

Satiety is a pleasant sensation that you makes you get up from the table satisfied that lasts for a certain period of time after the meal. Otherwise, the feeling of heaviness depends not only on the amount of what you eat but also how you eat it. It is important to take healthy and healthy foods, not only quality, but also quantity. When eating meals, they should help you feel fuller, no matter how much food you eat. It is important to feel satisfied in order not to suffer from hunger and to eat continuously between meals. If you follow a healthy and balanced diet daily, can be difficult at first but then it can help you get up from the table satisfied.

We give you 3 tips for stimulate the sense of satiety without making mistakes

What is satiety

The feeling of satiety is directly linked to a series of signals from our body that start when we take food or drinks are consumed and they continue as they enter the intestine and are digested and finally absorbed. Satiety signals are found in specific areas of the brain, they are generated in response to various factors.

leptin is the hormone that stimulates the sense of satiety, it acts directly on the nucleus of hypothalamus which is known as “the center of appetite” which then goes to signal to the brain that it has eaten enough. The opposite hormone is grielina, which stimulates the appetite.

There are other factors that influence our sense of satiety, like some nutrients present in foods that stimulate the sense of satiety, but also the sensorial experience linked to it. to food consumption such as:

  • appearance
  • smell
  • taste
  • consistency

The context and the way we eat play an important role, follow our advice to feel full after meals.

1- Getting up satiated: eat slowly and chew well

The sense of satiety as already mentioned is regulated by the hormone leptin, which in turn is linked to the action of a chemical mediator, histamine which activates a specific receptor in hypothalamic nuclei.

histamine is naturally present in our body and not only in some foods, it is used as a neurotransmitter which sends to the brain the message of satiety that is sent from the intestine.

In this way it tells us that we must stop being hungry and therefore to eat, but the brain must have time to receive the message, certainly eat slowly and chewing well helps it to do it

nutritionist doctor Luca Piretta: states that: “if you eat fast” there is no time for the nutrients to be absorbed and the neuro mechanisms – hormones that habitually inform the brain of the arrival of food in the intestine to work and transmit signals in a correct and timely manner “.

So if you hastily eat the brain does not receive the message of satiety in time party from the stomach and therefore we are induced to eat always, until you feel full.

Otherwise if you take the food slowly and chew well in addition to dig give your brain better time to understand that you have eaten enough and then send the stop signal.

2- Assume a lot of fiber

Inserting foods containing dietary fiber into the diet is of fundamental importance as they are a great ally for feeling fuller, particularly those soluble .

When fibers come into contact with water, they create a gelatinous mass which:

  • makes feces sticky
  • slow intestinal transit
  • affect macronutrient absorption such as fat and sugar, keeping the cholesterol parameters low.

The soluble fibers we find are:

  • fruit and in its peel
  • legumes
  • potatoes
  • carrots
  • oats.

3- No TV, cell phone or computer at the table

It is important to pay attention to the food you eat, as it promotes a sense of satiety because, it increases the awareness of what you are eating and therefore makes you feel more satisfied.

If you let yourself be distracted while eating from a television program, from the tablet or pc you can’t dwell on the colors and smells of food, in the end, you won’t even notice that you’ve eaten.

At least when you eat, focus on food and avoid distractions, especially if you have little time available.


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