Glycolic acid treated in autumn

After the summer it is time to think about the skin and give it new lymph, brightness and apply treatments based on glycolic acid able to perfect the complexion.

Remembering that the treatments a high percentage of glycolic acid must be used by a doctor, all low-percentage treatments, usually 3% acid, can be used at home to treat the skin and eliminate small imperfections, exfoliating the skin perfectly.

Glycolic acid gives the skin the possibility of renewing itself, and what a perfect time as autumn to take care of itself same? During the hot season, this type of “photosensitive” treatment can never be used. Let’s find out what is glycolic acid and its action on the skin.

What is glycolic acid and what action does it have on the skin

 Beauty face

glycolic acid is a substance belonging to alpha-hydroxy acids, a very natural exfoliant effective. Once applied to the face, it eliminates the whole stratum corneum of dead cells and will give a compact skin, free from imperfections, smooth and will eliminate or reduce the problem of skin spots.

Being a photosensitive treatment, the ideal would be use it in autumn or winter. There are many beauty products based on glycolic acids on the market that can help to make the complexion healthy, luminous and velvety. These treatments can be purchased in the perfumery, in the pharmacy and even in the most supplied herbalist’s shops. Applying the treatment every night to face and neck, the results will soon be noticed.

If you have problems like acne and dermatitis, before using glycolic acid products, it will be good to consult your doctor dermatologist who in more serious cases will have to be the one to provide for the application of a targeted treatment.


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