Gym makeup

Do you do sport activities but can’t do without make-up? Discover our tips on the perfect make-up for every need, from the gym to running

We talk about sports makeup to indicate the make-up that resists even the most intense sports activities. It could be a simple necessity for those who go to the gym after work, or simply a matter of safety in themselves. Doing sport does not mean giving up make-up.

Clearly the trick for the sport must take account of sweat and fatigue, therefore the products that are usually recommended are those with high resistance, against sweat and waterproof. From light and natural-based foundation to resistant but not heavy mascara: make-up is full of commercial proposals of products suitable for every need.

Sweat-proof gym makeup

Gym make-up products are all designed not to hinder the elimination of toxins that occurs during sweating. That’s why those who already have good skin and don’t use a lot of foundation could only use a concealer. Those who really don’t want to give up a make-up base, can choose a natural foundation without silicones to make the skin breathe, as well as the BB-cream.

For the eyes, however, there are many eye shadows suitable for gym makeup, available in cream or waterproof mousse, as well as the eyeliner, although not too suitable for those who tend to sweat a lot. Do not overlook the use of those products that can enhance the individual characteristics, from slightly sunken eyes to shades, thus enhancing the color, whether green or brown, in a natural way. On mascara the choice is very wide, between those waterproof and long-lasting, while in general it is better to avoid pencils that are too dark and prefer shades of brown, regardless of the brand. For the eyebrows there are different products, such as pencils to be fixed with transparent mascara and gel eyeliner, perfect for gym makeup and a valid alternative to semi-permanent make-up.

Waterproof makeup for the pool

On the market there are different types of waterproof makeup for swimming pools, that is water resistant products that do not melt or leave spots. Cosmetic houses, especially in the summer, offer limited editions of products resistant to sweat and water, but can be found throughout the year.

For pool eye make-up, cream eye shadows are usually preferable, as they are resistant to water, sweat and long life. Also the pencil must be long-lasting, and there are several brands that offer products that guarantee incredible resistance to plunge after plunge (just look at the synchronized swimming athletes).

For a perfect pool make-up, even the foundation, like the primer, must be light and water-based, which has the advantage of not giving heaviness to the skin even if on the contrary it could be not very covering. As they say, the right way is in the middle: ask perfumery for the most suitable sports make-up for your skin and don’t give up make-up even during sport!


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