Hair and hairstyles: the middle line rather than the side one who looks good? Each line has its own face to which it gives, find out which is your

Hair: Middle row or sideways? A little dilemma for all of us women : there are those who use to bring it to the side, to the left, those to the side to the right and, the central one. We often change hairstyle and all of us try to change (or at least try) our look. But are we sure we do well? Are we sure that the “classic line” we have worn since we were children is the one that fits our face? No, because maybe we are doing something wrong, maybe to us, the middle line looks good on our face (rare cases, we’ll see). In short, the cross and delight of all women: hair and how to style them! For many women bringing the line on one side rather than the other is mainly a need dictated by a series of characteristics such as the shape of the face, the hairline, the cut and the fold. If we are used to combing our hair in the same way, we are convinced that there is no other way to feel good. But is it really so? In the world of images and selfies, will we have to change our habits?

Central or side row? Choose it based on the shape of the face

 shape of the face

Certainly when we talk about the central row the memory immediately runs to the 70s and late 60s, to the hippie movement that own long hair, lasictae grow uncultivated and therefore with a line in the middle of the head and often with straps on his forehead he made one of his symbols, even in the 90s, when he wore it with a more grunge styling. But beyond fads, does the middle row look good on everyone? It adapts to every type of face. The central line is synonymous with symmetry, harmony, balanced proportions, but it is not good for all and indeed, for many it is scary, and rightly, because it risks putting in the foreground what we consider defects. In principle the middle row creates an “elongating” effect, emphasizes the cheekbones and enhances the symmetry of the face, so it looks better with round and square faces that need more verticality and momentum. The angular and triangular faces need a less clear line, then lateral (moderate), which softens the frontal and low contours and shrinks the temples. The lateral and super lateral line determines instead a “push-up” effect, that is, it enhances the long and rectangular faces which, unlike the previous ones, need horizontality: the diagonal of the tuft creates an optical effect of filling. With or without volume the lateral line lends itself to multiple variants, from the most elegant to the most casual. It gives sensuality to the look, with an effect I see I don’t see, for a severe but sexy look. Hyper-feminine and more romantic in a volumised version it perfectly accompanies the shiny waves.

1. Heart shape: central hairline

Let’s start immediately with a rather particular face shape, namely the heart shape. The theory is that the heart-shaped face is a fairly round face and regular throughout the upper part, characterized, however, by a fairly tapered and small chin so that the face appears like an “inverted drop” or just a heart. With this type of face much depends on length of Hair . With the hair long the central line could highlight the symmetries of the face and especially the cheekbones – something that no one has ever displeased. But it is also true that the central line is also ideal on symmetrical faces, as well as square ones since, in this case, the central line tends to lengthen and give a sense of tapering to the square face.

With hair a little shorter or with a length and a fold such that the volume is concentrated at the level of the chin or just below (so as to balance the pointed chin), try The side line : it will stretch the face “crushed by the cut”, making it look even thinner!

2. Round face: central hairline

With a round or round face, the hairline must be strictly central. This gives a tapered and lean look to the face. The central line creates a slim effect, so it is more suited to this type of face. This is because the central line in the round (but also rectangular) face tends to give verticality and length to the face. The objective of the round face is, of course, to look more tapered. Often, bringing long hair and vaporous may be a good idea, but if your face is also a little small, could “get lost” under your waterfall of hair. How to wear then even medium cuts and straight hair? The only must is opt for a styling choppy and voluminous! If the volume is not your forte, know that the perfect line for the round face is the very side one: it gives depth and inevitable (and strategic) movement on the upper part of the head.

3. Rectangular face: lateral hairline

The rectangular or square face, theoretically, would like the lateral line : it makes the corners of the jaw more rounded, lengthens the face optically and gives an immediately softer fold. very broad forehead the face rectangular and also the eyebrows “ pointed ” mean that there are too many “edges” on the face. The side row, instead, would balance everything. In the case of the broad forehead, the face can be harmonized with a fringe that is not too full. In case of a high forehead it is also possible to mask the hairline with a side tuft or, with a central line but with a scaled and wavy, wavy haircut. Last advice, if you opt for the middle row and you have a high forehead, thicken your eyebrows so as to make the front space less evident.

4. Oval and symmetrical face: central row and side

For those who have a oval face consider themselves lucky because this form of face, defined “standard” is the perfect one. Suitable for any type of hairstyle and haircut and, consequently also to the line, whether it is lateral or central, it does not matter. The line in the center enhances the symmetries and lengthens the face (excellent, therefore, if you have a bit of a double chin, for example, but not suitable for those who feel like having a face a little oblong ), while the side line softens the features (perfect, therefore, if you see yourself a bit squared or with “rigid” features).


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