Balayage is a type of bleaching that allows for an incredibly natural effect. Perfect for blonde, brown and red hair, it is one of the queens techniques among the trend-setting hair colors of summer 2019.

The sea + sun combo is not good for the hair. Salt and heat, to which the wind is often added as well, dry and weaken the stems and can transform the hair into a real nightmare. But with a little care and the right products, from the holidays on the beach you can take home only the best, or hair with spectacular natural lightening. Unfortunately, the effect wears off over the weeks. But there is a technique that allows you to show off the sun-kissed hair all year round: balayage!

Discover all the secrets of this coloring here, great protagonist of the 2019 summer hair color trends!

How to do balayage

Balayage comes from France and is a bleaching technique that allows for a very natural effect.

The procedure involves the division of the hair into strands from the nape to the top of the head to form a kind of star and a “triangular” lightening starting from about 10 cm from the roots and over the entire length. The bleaching is done by hand, without the use of the cap or foil papers as in the case of highlights, and is more intense on the tips and less on the hairline. The lightening is never higher than one or two shades and is carried out tone sur tone. That is, different colors are not added to the base. The result is diffuse, homogeneous and nuanced reflections and a hair as sun-kissed.

Due to its super natural appearance, balayage requires little maintenance and is good to repeat it after 3 or 4 months. For the same reason, it looks good on blond, brown and red, smooth and wavy hair and long and medium cuts. Instead, it does not cover white hair and is not indicated for short cuts. Moreover, since the technique uses the principle of hair contouring to enhance the strengths of the face and mask defects, it is advisable to carry it out after cutting the hair.

DIY balayage

Do you do balayage? It’s not a good idea. This type of processing requires the knowledge of bleaching and coloring techniques which is very difficult as well as highly discouraged to perform in an amateur way. Furthermore, the eye of the hair stylist is essential to establish how, how and how much hair can be used. To avoid hands-to-hair results (in every sense …), the advice is to consult a professional. The expense for a good job is medium-high, but keep in mind that the balayage lasts from 3 to 4 months (without the need for adjustments).

Blond Balayage

Balayage is the technique with which one of the most fashionable colors of the 2019 summer for blond hair is made: the wild tiger. In this case, it is carried out on an ash blond or dark blond base and gives warm and golden reflections to the hair. But not only. Some hairstylists use balayage to make another hit of the new season, the cream soda hair. The soft and enveloping blond with gold reflections is a real must overseas and has won over the likes of Gigi Hadid, Rita Ora and Elisabeth Moss (the star of The Handmaid’s Tale and Mad Men).

Brown Balayage

Balayage is the queen of the trend for summer 2019 brown hair colors. An exaggeration? Definitely no. The processing is used to make one of the hottest novelties (in all senses) of the new season: the golden brown. In this case, the sun-kissed effect is achieved with shades ranging from caramel to honey. Then it is also the basis of another brunette must, or tiger eye. With the coloring inspired by the semiprecious stone of the same name, the balayage probably finds its maximum expression and gives unique reflections even to the darker hair. Finally, the technique is also used for root beer hair, a tone sur tone highlight with an incredibly natural effect.

Caramel Balayage

The caramel balayage is perfect for brown hair. The warmer shades soften the color of the hair and soften the facial features (in addition to masking the signs of fatigue), while the colder ones give the look a sophisticated and mysterious allure. Light caramel is suitable for light brown and dark blond, while chocolat caramel is perfect for dark brown and tending to black. Depending on the width of the shades, you can achieve a dramatic (wide) or natural (thin) effect.

Copper balayage

The balayage copper or copper balayage is the balayage that you don’t expect. From the name, it would look like red hair. Instead, it is meant for dark hair. The result is intense and decisive and is dedicated to those who want to revolutionize the look in a surprising way. You can choose a gradient effect, opting for uniform copper reflections from mid-length to ends. Mix copper, gold and caramel for a play of light and three-dimensional reflections. Intensify the roots with a dark copper tone and lighten the tips with a light copper. Or, if you have curly and wavy hair, create large “stripes” tending to copper.

Balayage dark hair

Do you have dark hair and does your color look a bit flat? Balayage is the solution for you. The shades of chocolate and mocha are ideal for giving movement and depth to the chestnut and black hair. Two techniques particularly indicated for dark hair are soft balayage, which creates a shaded effect with no clear differences between roots and points, and midlight balayage or connecting balayage, which creates a lightening effect on the very natural base.

Red Balayage

The technique of balayage gives red hair a very rich range of flaming shades. On light bases it creates copper and golden reflections and on dark ones it allows to obtain a palette of shades ranging from cherry to mahogany. And precisely because of the sun-kissed effect, the balayage is a candidate to become one of the hit among the colors of trendy red hair for the summer of 2019, which are in the name of naturalness and wild & messy style.


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