If we dye our hair sooner or later we find ourselves having to face it. In the series “the hairdresser can wait” here is how to deal with hair regrowth at home

We are out of time. Here, just a couple of weeks after the last appointment with the trusted colorist, he begins to see the hateful hair regrowth.

If commitments, fatigue, budget problems and … laziness distract you from going to the hairdresser on time, something can be done to keep the problem under control.

From a strategic hairstyle to some remedy of the grandmother passing through “tricks” (in the true sense of the term!) Last minute. Already. Because hair regrowth (about ½ cm every twenty days) is there and does not give up, ready to peep out and show off especially on special occasions.

And we … we hate regrowth, right?

Even when, between the elegant and the snob, some hair stilysts prefer to call it “transparency” or “faded blonde” …

The whitening power of the lemon is known to most. It is a valid ally for skin and nails. Although to be reserved for extreme emergency situations, pass some fresh juice on the hairline with a cotton pad, reaching no more than a centimeter of stem from the roots. Lightening the dark of the hair a little, this will blend in better with the white of the regrowth.

Not only for the eyes but also for the hair, eye shadows and mascara (the latter specific for the hair), can be valid allies in case of regrowth. Just pass a little on the most visible areas (front and side attachment) before going out and you’re done. The flaw of this type of solution is that it resists until you wash your hair, so it will be necessary to repeat the operation if we did not have the appointment with the colorist scheduled.

The wide band is one of the accessories to keep absolutely at hand when it comes to hair regrowth. It is the only one able to completely hide the roots. The runways of the season brought her back to life: not bad …

The type of hairstyle chosen can make the difference. Prohibited hairstyles “pulled” with lacquer and gel and opted for irregular volumes, cottons and soft waves, able to confuse the waters. Indispensable then to wash the hair often because when they get dirty they are more oily and therefore darker, helping the regrowth to really become the protagonist.

There are lacquers that do not just fix the hairstyle, but give the hair colored and shiny reflections. They are easily removable with a few brush strokes, leaving no residue. The same applies to some coloring masks: with very few minutes of application (from 5 to 15) they hide the whiteness of hair regrowth.


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