Cutting hair

How many times do we have to cut our hair to have a head in splendid shape? All hair-stylist tips based on hair type

Many women want to have their hair in beautiful shape and in order, both in terms of color and cut. Not all, however, have the financial resources and time to go to the hairdresser periodically. Others, on the other hand, cannot give up their weekly appointment.

But how many times do we have to cut our hair ? There is no precise rule, but it all depends on the type of hair cut, the treatments we practice, so it is very subjective. On the other hand there are no “rules” to be respected in order to guarantee a healthier hair, but a minimum of care is necessary to avoid making too drastic interventions.

Cutting the hair is good?

According to any hair stylist cutting the hair often doesn’t make the hair grow back faster, this is just an urban legend. The cut does not affect the natural hair growth cycle, the latter is influenced by many factors such as: genetics, the use of supplements and drugs.

The question we ask is: is it good to cut the hair?

The answer is absolutely yes, the cut is essential to eliminate split ends and make the hair healthier. When we decide to cut the hair the hair appears more voluminous because we eliminate the final parts of the locks, which are usually thinner and brittle. Let’s see on the basis of type of hair how the frequency of the cut changes.

Curly hair

Women who wear curly and short hair must go to the hair stylist every 4 weeks. For women with medium to long curly hair, they can take it easy for up to 5 months. Curly hair needs more treatment because it tends to dehydrate faster and make more knots. Many women believe that curly hair grows more slowly than smooth hair, but this is another myth to dispel. Both grow in the same way, the only difference being that the curly hair being wavy appears to be shorter

The advice is always to take care of curly hair especially to follow targeted treatments with masks and moisturizing products, so as to have a shiny and voluminous hair .

Short hair

How many times do cut your short hair ? Short hair must be cut frequently, to avoid losing the shape after regrowth. The advice is to cut them every 4 weeks if you have a fast regrowth, vice versa you cut them every 6 weeks.

Long hair

I long hair are very beautiful to look at but they too need special care.

If the hair is healthy ie good hydrated, shining and not brittle cut is recommended every 4 months. Long hair needs many specific treatments such as: apply a nourishing mask on the lengths and on the skin at least every 15 days, choose a henne colored or neutral, about every 2 months to reinforce the stem. If you wish to have very bright hair you can use apple vinegar after shampooing.

Dyed hair

The use of dyeing especially non-natural ones, they can damage your hair. Most chemical dyes contain ammonia which makes the hair more fragile and the tips dry and brittle .

For this reason, dyed hair should be cut more frequently than those not dyed. The advice is to go to the hair-stylist to cut the hair every 3 weeks if the hair is short, if it is long even every 4 months. The cut allows you to eliminate the faded color or that doesn’t excite you anymore.

Whenever it is necessary to cut hair

There are conditions in which it is necessary to resort to a drastic cut, when your hair is damaged by too many dyes, for bleaching or for ironing.

It is not at all easy to recover a damaged and above all brittle hair, the hair-stylist in these cases is the only one who can make up for it. Certainly it cannot work miracles if the hair is damaged, it can advise you or make a clean cut or eliminate only the damaged part.

It is necessary to cut the hair if we have a particular cut and then it goes retouched.

We see second hair-stylist when it is necessary to cut hair.

  • Cut the hair every 2 months when they are treated with chemicals or dye, when the plates are used every day to make the hair smoother.
  • Cut the hair every 4 weeks if we want to keep the short cut in perfect shape. Women who have the pixie cut have to go to the hairdresser every four weeks. For the bob cut the advice is to return to the beauty salon after eight weeks.
  • The secret for a head always at the top is cutting the hair at least every 2-3 months, whatever the cut or length, so as to avoid split ends, which will make you lose volume and shape of the cut.


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