Knotted hair

Many women happen to have hair with knots and tangles, especially in winter, when wearing scarves and hats. Let’s find out how to untangle them.

There are many women who have problems with their hair because they knot and ruffle, especially those with curly and wavy hair.

Hair is often tortured, because it rubs against clothes and skin, while at night they fight with the pillow.

This problem increases especially in the winter season, as we often wear the dolce vita, wool pullovers, hats and scarves, so the hair is often “tortured”.

The hair then presents the knots, so it becomes almost a business to comb it often there is the risk of breaking it with a brush. It is true that a lot depends on the type of hair, certainly straight hair is easily combed unlike curly hair, which needs more help. In fact, resorting to disentangling masks and conditioners.

Let’s find out how to detangle hair in a simple and effective way.

Untangling hair is easy: here’s how

 Untangling hair The curly and wavy hair is the most difficult to manage as it is predisposed to the formation of knots, therefore often they must be treated with disentangling masks and conditioners. Here are some tips to follow in this regard.
1 – Always use conditioner

After shampooing, you must always soften and straighten your hair, especially if it is curly or frizzy.

The conditioner has a very important role, as it softens the hair and smoothes it out, after having regularly shampooed, apply it and leave it to act for 5 minutes. Then untangle the knots with your fingers, gently, just divide the hair into sections.

Comb the hair with a wide-toothed comb, start from the tips and proceed downwards, if the hair is very tangled, you can add another some balm or coconut oil. Then rinse your hair well with cold water, so as to close the scales keeping them hydrated.

2 – Do-it-yourself detangling wrap

The hair can be untangled without the conditioner, thanks to the DIY wraps, here’s how to prepare it in no time .


  • two spoons of white yogurt
  • half a spoonful of castor oil
  • a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil


  • Put the yogurt in a bowl with the castor oil, then add the extra virgin olive oil and mix.
  • Spread the mixture over the entire hair, with a wide-toothed comb.
  • Cover the head with plastic wrap and let it sit for about 20 minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Repeat twice a week

It is a useful compress when the hair is damaged by the heat of the hair dryer and the plate, or by the coloring.

3 – Apply a reinforcing mask nte

Dry and dry hair is the cause of the knots, but if you use a strengthening mask, the hair will be much more fortified and soft.

Prepare it at home in a short time, here are the ingredients: [19659025] a jar of natural yoghurt: which has a nourishing action;

  • a spoonful of flaxseed oil
  • seven drops of rosemary essential oil;
  • mix all the ingredients and apply evenly over the whole crown;
  • leave on for 40 minutes;
  • proceed with normal washing;
  • repeat the mask once a week.

4 – Mixture of vegetable oils

If the knots in the hair are caused by aggressive treatments or dyes, but simply because you give little importance, the ideal remedy to untangle them it is prepa rare a compound of vegetable oils. A mix of nourishing vegetable oils which help to regenerate the hair fiber.


  • 10 ml of sesame oil
  • 10 ml of coconut oil
  • 10 ml of oil of argan
  • 10 ml of sweet almond oil.


  • Mix the ingredients in a bowl
  • apply this mix on dry hair or on damp hair
  • leave to act for a few hours
  • do the shampoo as usual

This compress can also be done once a week.

Tips to prevent knots

I knots to hair can be prevented just follow some simple tips, we reveal some of them:

  • a braid before going to bed : especially if you have long hair, so they won’t get knotted overnight;
  • brush them when they are still wet : because when dry the hair is more brittle and difficult to comb.
  • avoid combing with hair clips and elastic bands : if your hair is prone to knots, prefer simple hairstyles;
  • prefer simple hairstyles ;
  • avoid hair lacquers and fixatives: because they make the hair dry and arid, and promote the formation of knots.


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