Hair, when to cut them according to the lunar calendar and its phases. What is the relationship between hair, growth and moon phases? Find out when it is best to cut hair in September

Our grandmothers were not wrong at all when they reported that it would be better to cut hair if the moon had waned or grown. Popular wisdom, old sayings are never wrong. But do we know if, indeed, it is true? To those who did not happen in life that after a cut they had the impression that their hair took forever to grow back even a centimeter while, at other times, after a cut, it seemed to us that suddenly the hair grew much more quickly. Will it really be the influence of the lunar calendar and its phases ? It must be said that there is no scientific proof of all this however, since we have nothing to lose, we can do the test and see if following the phases of the moon our hair will begin to look better. In general, hair care must follow the phases of the moon and plan to cut the hair of one or two centimeters once a month to eliminate split ends. Let’s find out the truth about it and clarify the phases of the moon, the lunar calendar and when it is appropriate, as a consequence, to make an appointment with our hairdresser for a perfect cut

Do moon phases affect hair growth?


Following the moon phases it is in fact possible to identify precise dates in which, according to the influence that the Moon could have on your haircut you could go out from the salon of your hairdresser with the biggest smile ever. According to some theories and beliefs, the lunar calendar could influence the success of haircut and it is good to pay attention if you want to get the cut of your dreams, especially if in view of trends autumn-winter 2019 / 2020, you want to change style and be ready for return to work .
Knowing then the relationship between Moon and hair is very important to book the your next appointment in day X and come out mega satisfied! But how to understand when is the right day to cut hair ?

According to some ancient beliefs to regulate through the phases of the moon would allow to make them grow faster and stronger . Just think of how the moon influences the tides and how farmers often refer to these theories for sowing and harvesting. In fact, the hair contains a percentage of water and this is precisely the reason for the influence of the moon on them. There is no real scientific basis for these beliefs, but since it does not cost anything to fix an appointment in advance at the hairdresser, why not schedule it following the lunar calendar? If, therefore, you plan to freshen up your hair style perhaps you should keep in mind that it is not true that one day is as good as another. It seems that hair follows the phases of Luna and, learning to follow its calendar in relation to your desires, you can understand when to make an appointment with hairdresser optimizing thus the effects of the session. Seems a bit like an urban legend, but it’s not like that at all. It is an established fact that lunar cycles have effects on the Earth and that they also influence the body and the mind. Why then shouldn’t they also affect hair health? Let’s see what are the best moments, then, to cut hair? Follow the moon phases and you’ll find out

What are the ideal days for cutting hair?


Luna takes 28 days to make a complete rotation on itself, that’s why there are no precise days, they change every month and every year, also because we need to consider the influence of astrology also based on the zodiac sign in which our satellite is found.

best moon is surely that increasing favorable moment for a better and faster growth and to reinforce them from to avoid instead the waning moon a period in which the hair would risk to grow back more slowly, dull and lifeless. For the choice of days, then, even more favorable ones would be with the crescent moon in the virgin to favor a greater and faster growth in lion to reinforce and thicken them . In general, however, it would be to avoid treatment when the moon is in the water signs : Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, whether the moon is waning or rising.

For the most precise or for whom we firmly believe it would then be to consider the time establishing the most profitable period between 12 and 18 . As for the other phases of the moon, no risk during the full moon as long as you cut your hair a day before it starts. To be avoided instead the new moon (usually marked on the calendar with a small black moon), because the hair would seem to be weaker and more fragile and would increase the probability that it would break and slow down regrowth.

Moon phases and hair: the waning moon, the waxing moon, the full moon, the moon new


The new moon: (Don’t cut your hair) the first rule to keep in mind is: forbidden to cut hair with the new moon. In this phase the satellite is not visible from the Earth, and its action is compromised: the hair will grow weak and scarce. Better to avoid. Moreover, this is not a recommendable period, because it is believed that the new moon is a damaging phase for the hair, during which they weaken and are subject to a greater fall.

Crescent moon: (Ok tick the hair): If what you want is only remove split ends, without compromising the length, then cut them with the crescent moon, in this way your hair will grow back at full speed, regaining in a flash the centimeters lost. In particular, it seems preferable to cut them between noon and 6 pm because in these hours there is a progressive increase in the lunar attraction.

The waning Moon : (For who has a lot of hair): who needs to keep an indomitable hair at bay, getting a perfect fold even at home, will have to cut his hair in this phase, even the most rebellious hair will become docile in a moment. By cutting your hair during the waning quarter, you’ll get faster growth and a longer hold on your hairstyle. The cut must be made between six in the morning and midday which is the time frame in which a decrease in the lunar attraction occurs.

The full moon: (Yes to the cut of hair): The days when the Moon is full (or full moon) represent, in general, the best time to go to the hairdresser. If they are damaged, abused opaque and without life, this is the best time for a change of look. The hair will grow stronger and more beautiful than before, but only if you cut it on the day of full moon or the previous one. It is recommended to cut them between six in the morning and noon.

Other beauty rituals influenced by the moon phases and the zodiac signs

Better to specify that according to some the moon must not only be increasing, but it must also be found in certain zodiac signs . To make the hair grow faster and have them shiny and soft, therefore, we should cut them when the moon is in Venus while if we wanted them thicker and fuller we should wait for the moon to be in Leone . But there is no scientific evidence for this. Also nails facial treatments and depilation can benefit from following the lunar calendar .

1. Manicure and pedicure


For the beauty of fingernails and toenails it would be better to cut them and file them with moon both growing and waning, in capricorn to strengthen and harden them. To be avoided instead Gemini, Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio to avoid weakening them.

2. Depilation

Regarding depilation instead, it is better to do it with waning moon just for the opposite principle to that of haircut. In doing so, in fact, regrowth should be slower and hair should weaken, even better if waning moon is in capricorn . Better instead to wait if the moon is found in the lion and virgin signs to avoid a faster regrowth or to thicken the hairs.

4. Facial and body treatments

For face and body treatments instead, better prefer the signs of aria : scale, twins and aquarium but only when they are in the crescent moon and alternatively also the Aries both in crescent and waning. The masks and treatments will penetrate better into the skin, improving the absorption of the active ones.

Returning, instead, to the hair and to know the best moments in which to cut them, it will be enough to consult a lunar calendar and find out when make an appointment at the hairdresser . We discover the best days to make the cut again in September

Lunar calendar for September 2019: when to cut hair


Mark these dates, they will be the best ones for a visit from your hair stylist and make up your look.

12-13-14-15-16 September: In these days – especially on the 14th – the Moon will be full; so go ahead for cuts of every kind and fantasy: be it a short bob, a pixie cut or just a particular fringe detail, on this day the Moon is with you.

Lunar calendar of September 2019: when NOT to cut hair


Avoid carefully to cut your hair in these days of September:

1-2 September: already gone, the days are not recommended for cutting hair because the moon is new. If, you have spent these two days immune, wait again, as there are other dates to mark:

from September 26th to 30th: In these four days and especially 28 September, if you can, avoid going to the hairdresser for a change of look, as it is in these days that the Moon will be new in the sky. So, get your hands off your hair if you don’t want it to slowly grow back. If you really can’t do without it, then I recommend only a quick cut to split ends, but nothing more!


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