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Fulfilling years is not incompatible with being beautiful and spectacular. Fulfilling years is not linked to cut the hair to the style ‘boy-cut’. Fulfilling years is synonymous with maturity, knowing what you want and having more confidence in yourself. But always happy to appear a little less than the real age. For that reason, we bring you a compilation with the best haircuts for women of 50 years, those that take years off and that are more flattering.

From Dessata, as experts in hair care , we have searched among our favorite celebrities and have come to the conclusion that, from the entry into the quarantine, there are 5 different styles that will help you shine. Of course, all share a characteristic: the more casual the hairstyle (or, at least, it seems), the better.


To subtract years and feel young, the hairstyle plays a very important role. It is vital to keep hair very well maintained, that it shine and that it is healthy and strong. In addition, it is better to use light tones than dark tones since the latter mark the factions much more and, therefore, the age. So, take paper and pen and take good note of these 7 haircuts for a 50 year old woman. We start?

1. Melena XL

Juliane Moore, Cindy Crawford, Jane Fonda or Demi Moore are just a few examples of how long and XL hair is also suitable for women over 50. Say goodbye to the ‘boy-cut’ style and dare to wear a mane of heart attack (come on, to look like a pelazo ).

Smooth hair, waves, bangs, blunt hair, shatush wicks to gain light in the hair … there are many ways to wear a long mane but all professionals agree that it must be very well maintained, with serum or moisturizers for hair like Our Bright Cream .

2. Long Bob

The Long Bob is a haircut that is halfway between the XL hair and midi hair in which the hair reaches a length a little higher than below the shoulders and helps rejuvenate the look.Haircuts for women of 50 years?

Maintaining this type of cut helps achieve a revitalized hair, with greater volume thanks to the lateral line and a slightly defiled finish. Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie or Penelope Cruz are celebrities who have joined this trend. Do you like your style?

3. Midi hair and short bob

We have already said that a woman does not have to cut her hair in the 50s to the typical ‘practical’ and ‘comfortable’ cut that makes you look older and makes you less attractive, but even so, there are many celebritiesthat opt ​​for a haircut LOB, that is, a short hair above the shoulders or with a bob cut, very fashionable this spring-summer season .

In this type of hairstyles it is important to create a relaxed look, with textured and broken tips that provide movement to the hair as is the case of Sarah Jessica Parker. For its part, Jennifer Aniston sports a straight cut smoother and very, very cool, more flattering if you have a rounded face.

If the experts agree on something, it is necessary to play with the movement and freshness of the hair with natural volumes to be able to exploit the possibilities of a mane above the shoulders starting from the quarantine. A hair without artifice and movement is the key to haircuts for women of 50 years.

Another example of a short, modern and chic cut is the one that Cate Blanchett wore at 47: a blunt cut with volume on the sides to highlight the thin and thin face of the actress.Haircuts for women of 50 years! Yeah!

4. Shag cut

The shag mane (from shaggy, which means disheveled in English) was popularized by Jennifer Aniston in the 90s when she starred in the legendary television series Friends and is a hairstyle that is characterized by an ultra-thin cut that, yes, you have to know how to wear It can be an unflattering hairstyle if the hairdresser does not do it correctly.

5. Flequillos

A classic that never fails and that is back in fashion. We already tell you that the fringes were coming back to stay this 2018 and why not use them in haircuts for women of 50 years. In fact, many stylists recommend its use to hide certain lines of expression and give a new look to the look.

For example, you can opt for a fringe version at the height of the cheekbone or a bang blunt at eye level. Remember: as in the rest of hairstyles it is vital that the bangs have vitality and that they provide movement to the whole hairstyle.

Which one do you like the most?


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