Hand massage

The hand massage can perform different functions, from relaxing to circulatory. Find out more about this wellness treatment

The hand is the first instrument of the human race, from the time of Homo Sapiens, but it is also a means of expression and communication when it integrates the word or replaces it through sign language. After a full day spent on the computer keyboard, handling tools, cleaning, tidying up… even our dear hands need the right amount of relaxation.

To take care of this important part of the body, not only creams and oils are needed: a good hand massage is essential to keep the skin elastic and hydrated. Let’s see how.

Hand massage: methods and benefits

Many people turn to naturopathy or homeopathy to counteract the effects of stress. A valid alternative can be represented by different types of massages or by acupressure performed by qualified personnel. In addition to industry professionals, these particular techniques can be learned by following special massage courses.

We recommend applying a bit of nourishing cream or massage oil over the entire area. Then, start massaging with circular movements. Better to start from the center of the palm to the ends of the fingers. Reproducing the previous movement, exerts a slight pressure with the thumb, from top to bottom and vice versa. Continue with this treatment until the oil or cream is absorbed. Do the same also on the fingers, up to the tip of the nails, so as to massage also the phalanges and the fingertips.

Taking care of hands this way is a pleasant and relaxing practice that also involves some important benefits. The hand massage is relaxing, regularizes the heartbeat, producing a state of natural well-being. The hand massage allows, in fact, the reactivation of the local and general circulation, the release of muscular tensions and allows a greater absorption of moisturizing creams and nourishing oils in depth, to have a smooth and velvety skin.

Hand massage and reflexology

The palm of the hand has the largest amount of tactile receptors compared to the surface. Thanks to this strong receptive sensitivity, the hand is also an organ capable of receiving stimuli which, in turn, can transmit to devices and organs placed distally from the limb for reflex communication. The effectiveness of reflexology massages is based on this communication. The hands, unlike the feet, can lend themselves to self-treatment at any time to rebalance the energies.

But what is reflexology? It is a natural remedy, a therapy of oriental origin (Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese), based on the principle of correspondence, through dense nerve endings, between external skin areas of the body with internal organs. Thanks to the manual stimulation of these external parts, beneficial effects are obtained on the corresponding organ. Therefore, in the presence of disorders or diseases that involve an internal organ, action can be taken to improve the situation by working on the corresponding external point.

According to reflexology, treating the fingers of the hand gives relief to the problems from the neck upwards, therefore a correct hand massage, can also be useful for headaches and for the neck; while treating the center of the palm acts on the functionality of the stomach, intestine and liver. The back of the hand, on the other hand, reflects the rib cage and the respiratory system: bronchi and lungs. Treating these areas of the hands, even alone, but always with care and attention, while not knowing the exact and precise location of the organs, allows us to communicate with the deep part of ourselves, activating a process of bodily rebalancing that is often forgotten .

After a stressful day, there is nothing better than doing a nice relaxing hand massage, which will also have a beneficial effect on numerous stress-induced ailments.


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