Happy distance relationships

We have seen it in movies and few friends do not say it: distance relationships are destined to fail. However, we also know of some cases of couples who have separated by studies or work for long periods of time and things have continued to work. The question then is: is it possible to have happy relationships at a distance?

The answer, knowing that there are successful cases is, obviously, YES. But with nuances, because not any relationship at a distance will work in any way. If a couple deeply wants to maintain their relationship and both do their part to get it, it is more than possible that a long distance relationship is happy. Moreover, studies confirm that the distance relationships that survive are reinforced in the reunion.Distance relationships are beautiful!

Let’s see the main keys to have happy distance relationships:

1.Learn to be happy separately

If you let the penalty for not see you affect your daily life, you will end up being unhappy and blame it on the relationship and your separation. Although the ultimate goal is to get your relationship to work remotely, you must also seek to be happy in your day-to-day lives separately. In no case should stop working hard, neglect friendships or stop taking care of our health and our physique.

2.Find an effective communication method

For each pair will work a different one, depending on the rhythm of life of both and the distance between the two. Those who have free time and do not change the time zone too much, will be able to talk by phone or webcam daily, however in other cases it will work better to leave messages on the whatsapp or send e-mails. Either way, it should work well for both.

3.Maintain maximum normality

Although you can not snuggle in bed to tell you how your day has gone, you can talk about it or leave it written in detail. Do not be lazy to detail every anecdote or event that happens to you, even what you have eaten or who you have seen on the street. The closer you get to normal, the easier it will be to overcome the distance.

4.Set a reunion date

You may not always be 100% clear when you will see them again, but you can have a rough idea. Think about when are the next holidays or one of the two is doing well to request a few days of vacation. That will be your goal. In this way you can see the end of the separation and the absence will be much more bearable, because the solution will be ready.

5.Video conferences and cybersex

You should try to watch them on video and talk through the computer as much as possible. It is advisable to do it at least once a week, but if it can be every day before sleep, much better. And, of course, sex should not disappear because of distance. For something there is something called cybersex. Through the webcam you can excite each other talking about what you would like to do together and end up playing separately but always with the gaze of the other present.Happy distance relationships!


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