Find out how your body behaves if you eat hazelnuts every day.

Hazelnuts are a valuable food, especially in winter. Belonging to dried fruit, they have a particular taste that makes them particularly tasty both alone and in combination with other foods such as, for example, cocoa or dark chocolate . Rich in vitamins and mineral salts, they also offer a whole series of beneficial properties that make it a healthy food and particularly suitable for all ages. Perfect to eat as a snack or in desserts and even savory dishes, they are a food rich in good fats and therefore caloric. But it is enough to stick to the right amount that is around 15 grams if you are on a diet and 30 if you are in your right weight, to enjoy all the benefits they offer without any guilt.

Hazelnuts, what happens if you eat them every day

 What do I cook today? The complete menu for lunch and dinner with hazelnuts Hazelnuts are a healthy and precious food that, especially in winter, can give energy and good humor, also doing good for the body. In fact, through their introduction, properties are obtained that bring wellbeing. Let’s discover then what are the effects that can be experienced by eating hazelnuts every day.

  • You have energy ready to spend
  • They fight free radicals
  • The heart benefits
  • It digests better
  • The body receives vitamins and minerals in abundance
  • Cholesterol levels are lowered
  • Triglycerides tend to stay low or go down if they are tall
  • The sense of hunger diminishes
  • Improves intestinal transit
  • Muscles and bones are stronger
  • Blood sugars are lowered
  • The skin becomes more beautiful
  • La pressure regulates

It is enough to eat a handful of them a day to guarantee yourself many benefits and everything by eating something good. Besides being an excellent ingredient for desserts, hazelnuts can be consumed in the form of milk, in yogurt or as a snack to nibble to break the hunger.

Attention : like any other food, also hazelnuts can have side effects. Should be avoided in case of allergy to nuts or other dried fruit, while in case of nickel allergy it is good to hear your doctor before taking them.
In case of diverticula or other diseases, before consuming them it is good to ask the opinion of your own doctor. The same is true even if you are following a diet where the incorrect insertion of hazelnuts could lead to not obtaining the expected results with your doctor.


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