Homeopathy for disorders in pregnancy

The pregnancy period is a time that is fundamental for a woman, certainly more difficult to face if it is the first time, but even if you are the second child, it could be that you are not immune to those more or less intense complaints that many women complain of, as homeopathy can intervene during childbirth and postpartum it can also do so during pregnancy with those problems that are more or less annoying or painful that may occur.
We recall that the choice of homeopathic medicines is also favored for their ‘naturalness’ and low dilution, they do not use irritating agents and are therefore suitable for everyone (except for specific allergies), children and even women in pregnancy that usually can take very limitedly ‘traditional’ maci to avoid possible damage to the fetus.

Let’s see then which are the distu rbi most common that have mothers-to-be and how it is better to go and fight them thanks to the advice of D ottor Giancarlo Balzano gynecologist expert in integrated medicine, phytotherapy and homeopathy.

Among the most common expressions of the ‘interesting state’, it is a frequent and very annoying disorder. Usually concentrated in the first three months, it can be easily combated.
If in addition to the feeling of nausea you also have a urge to vomit or a ‘regurgitating’ sensation, it is useful to take Sepia 9CH in 5 granules when the sensation appears. If instead you have hypersalivation, or your mouth is filled with saliva, it is better to choose Ipeca 9CH always with a dose of 5 granules when the symptom appears. If checking the tongue you find yourself with a patina at the base, or in the innermost part of the tongue, we recommend Nux Vomica 9CH always in 5 granules as posology.

For constipation, due to lack of stimulation, for pregnancy, it is better to take Hydrastis canadensis 7CH in 5 granules 1 or 2 times a day.
If haemorrhoids are also associated with constipation, better take the Collinsonia canadensis 9CH 5 granules two or three times a day and also associate the local application of Avenoc formula 1 even 3 or 4 times a day.

Legs circulation
Also because of the heat , often the legs are heavy and the circulation is slowed down. If capillary fragility appears, with the ‘venuzzè in plain sight, you must take Arnica 7CH 5 granules morning and evening. If instead they are swollen and sore, choose Hamamelis 5CH always with the same posology.

Due to the sudden changes in temperature, for rooms with air conditioning or heating, it is easy to run into annoying colds that can be healed with Corylia 1 candy every hour, until the symptoms disappear.

Emotional sensitivity
If you are particularly sensitive and emotionality has the upper hand, take Ignatia 15CH 5 granules 3 times a day, will help you overcome this delicate state.


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